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Odd Nerdrum, "Self-Portrait with Child's Skull," oil on canvas, 34 1/2 x 30 in. Forum Gallery. Nerdrum, a widely revered painter, is a featured speaker at TRAC 2014.

Save the Date: The Representational Art Conference 2014

The preeminent academic conference for contemporary representational art is fast approaching. For artists and art lovers, creators and appreciators of realist art, the Representational Art Conference promises to be an invigorating and formative experience.
Brimming with artist demonstrations, academic presentations, and interactive panel discussions, TRAC uniquely aims to engage every niche within the representational art world. Conference events will appeal to academic and professional studio artists, art historians, critics, collectors, gallery professionals, and museum professionals.

The Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach, site of TRAC 2014
The Representational Art Conference 2014 will take place March 2-5 at the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach in Ventura, California. Keynote speakers include speaker, artist, and writer Juliette Aristides, and philosopher, author, and television personality Roger Scruton, who will be joined by revered painter Odd Nerdrum.
Widely considered among the most important representational artists of this century, Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum has gained worldwide notoriety for his imaginative, dark, and visionary painting. At TRAC 2014, Nerdrum will participate on a special panel discussing art, kitsch, and beauty, alongside keynote speaker Roger Scruton. The author of the important book Beauty, as well as the writer and host of the BBC television show "Why Beauty Matters," Scruton brings a fresh and provocative perspective to questions of contemporary aesthetics. Juliette Aristides, the other keynote speaker, is a distinguished instructor of art, prolific author, and founder of the Aristides Atelier at the Gage Academy of Fine Art in Seattle.

Artist Alexey Steele will demonstrate drawing lessons from the Russian masters at TRAC 2014.
TRAC 2014 will also feature live demonstrations from a group of distinguished representational artists, including Jeremy Lipking, Tony Pro, Graydon Parrish, Alexey Steele, Pam Hawkes, and Steven Perkins.
As one of the event's featured speakers, Fine Art Connoisseur editor-in-chief Peter Trippi will offer a crucially important presentation on today's market for representational art. Other notable presenters include Michael Zakian, director of the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum on the campus of Pepperdine University, who will discuss the issue of content in contemporary realism, and Peter Adams, president of the California Art Club, who will trace the history of California art through four distinctive styles of painting.
Interested collectors and artists should act quickly; early-bird registration for the Representational Art Conference ends January 31, after which fees jump $100.
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