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Art from left to right (details): Anne Harris, Philip Pearlstein, Walton Ford, and Judy Glantzman

The New York Academy of Art's Lecture Series

Discussions between artists and curators and a range of talks related to professional practice are included in the New York Academy of Art's lecture series, which is free and open the public. 
The New York Academy of Art is a graduate school in Manhattan that combines intense classical training in the figurative tradition with critical contemporary discourse designed to prepare students for the life of a modern painter. Its distinguished faculty are the regular presenters of this unique curriculum, but the school also invites outside influences to help expand the students' mindsets and frame of reference. Part of that initiative is the academy's Art & Culture and Professional Practice lecture series, and these informative talks are free and open to both the student body and the general public.
The NYAA's Art & Culture talks are led by a diverse range of important artists, scholars, and critics and cover topics that pertain to the many facets of being a professional artist. The Art & Culture talks feature one particular artist discussing the various aspects of his or her work, or an artist in discussion with a curator or critic. The Professional Practice lectures cover such topics as art criticism, the value of art, collecting, and working with museums. Below is a list of the remaining topics for the 2013 Art & Culture and Professional Practice lectures. For more information and for a schedule of 2014 topics, visit (Most discussions take place in Wilkinson Hall on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m., but contact Elizabeth Hobson at or 212.842.5966 for full details.)
10/16: Alexis Rockman (artist)
10/23: Donald Baechler (artist)
10/30: Nina Chanel (artist)
11/06: Phillip Pearlstein in conversation with Patterson Sims (artist and curator)
11/15: Anne Harris (artist)
11/20: Peter Saul (artist)
12/04: Barry X Ball (artist)
10/03: ASK THE DOCTORS: EXHIBITION ALTERNATIVES, APPROACHING A COLLECTOR, AND VARIOUS SOLUTIONS TO YOUR QUESTIONS -- Lisa Anastos (founder and CEO of ARThood, philanthropist in the arts, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate of the arts), Matthew Deleget (artist, director/owner of MINUS
Space, curator, and consultant)
10/10: THE ETHICS OF BEING AN ARTIST  -- Randy Cohen (author, playwright, former ethicist for the New York Times, and current creator and host of Person, Place, Thing)
10/31: OBTAINING SPONSORSHIP  -- Murat Orozobekov (co-owner of Winkleman Gallery, New York, NY)
11/07: PANEL DISCUSSION AND BOOK EVENT: "LIVING AND SUSTAINING A CREATIVE LIFE" -- Bill Carroll (artist and director of the Studio Program of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts), Peter Drake (artist and director of the NYAA), Carson Fox (artist), Annette Lawrence (artist), and Kate Shepherd (artist)
11/21: PEDAGOGICAL ISSUES: TEACHING ART AND TEACHING POSITIONS FOR ARTISTS --Don Kimes (professor of art at American University, Washington, DC, and artistic director in the Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY)

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