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October 25: Granville Redmond, "Going Home"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Granville Redmond, “Going Home.”

October 29: This is a Milestone

The Pastel Society of New Mexico is celebrating a milestone this year with a much anticipated and highly acclaimed event. Collectors and art connoisseurs will want to take a look!

through October 29: This Fantastic Lineup

An eclectic range of accomplished artists headlines an outstanding group exhibition in Kansas this fall at Strecker-Nelson Gallery. Find out which nationally known artists and sculptors are included!

through November 5: How Do Painters Paint Painters?

How do artists view each other? That question is one answered in beautiful fashion during a stellar group exhibition at Davis Gallery. Details here!

through November 13: The Palette as Tool, and Surface

Curated by renowned artist Dina Brodsky and curator/writer Trek Lexington, this miniaturist exhibition features a number of world-famous painters exploring the importance and meaning of the artist’s palette as tool, extension of oneself, and painting surface.

through December 3: A Shared Solitude

Gallery 1261 in Denver, Colorado, is overjoyed to be presenting recent works by renowned painter Mia Bergeron during a solo exhibition titled “Shared Solitude.” Penetrating all things humans experience — yet go through alone — this psychologically plumbing show will enliven the mind and eye.

through November 11: Much More Than It Seems

For those not native to the great plains, grasslands, and rolling hills of the American Midwest, these landscapes might be categorized as “bland” or “uninteresting.” However, during a fantastic solo exhibition this month, painter John Cleaveland asks his audience to take a deeper look into this region’s incredible aesthetic potential.

through November 12: From the Inside

Paintings are like windows into another word – an individual’s unique interpretation and representation of their experience. These elements are visited more literally during a solo exhibition in Canada.

through October: Studio Incamminati in Santa Fe

Known as one of the best academies for traditional arts in the United States, Studio Incamminati’s upcoming exhibition in Santa Fe is one you’ll regret missing.

November 18: Picturing Prestige Show Closes

No matter the time or place, one always finds examples of individuals — and families — employing the artist to carefully craft their public images. On view now at the City Museum of New York is an exhibition that explores how 18th- and 19th- century New Yorkers used portraiture as indicators of prestige.

through November 5: A Lovely Impression for You

Aah, New England in the fall is such a lovely place — filled with crisp air, diverse color, and evolving scenery. A gorgeous range of New England landscapes heads to the walls of Susan Powell Fine Art. Who can you expect to see as you enjoy your hors d’oeuvres?

through November 27: Flock to This

Time and again birds have found themselves the subjects of artists’ work in all types of mediums and styles. Since 1976, one museum has annually exhibited a juried collection of nearly 100 works with our feathered friends as the focus. Who’s featured in this year’s show?

December 31: American Classics

The lovely Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin has an equally stunning array of bird imagery from some of American’s greatest creators during a current exhibition. Who can you expect to see?

through November 5: Daniel Sprick in New York

Contemporary master Daniel Sprick will soon showcase a number of recent works in New York City. Ranging from extraordinarily realistic portraits to haunting still lifes and beyond, there’s something here for every fine art connoisseur.

November 17: Windows to the Divine 2016

Collectors for Connoisseurship (C4C) can barely wait to kick off the 2016 edition of Windows to the Divine — a spectacular display and sale of contemporary representational painting. Who are the featured artists and the host?

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October 25: Granville Redmond, "Going Home"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Granville Redmond, “Going Home.”