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September 19: "International Masters of Fine Art"

An exhibition featuring some of the foremost representational painters in the world arrives in Texas.

September 20: Nelson Augustus Moore Landscapes

Idyllic 19th-century landscapes by historical Connecticut artist Nelson Augustus Moore feature in an upcoming exhibition.

September 20: "Realism Without Borders" Exhibition

“Realism Without Borders” displays historical works alongside contemporary paintings from Russian, Ukrainian, American, French, English, Chinese, and German artists.

September 21: Highlight Exhibition for American & Impressionist Art Sale

A preview exhibition displays paintings by Daniel Garber, Edward Willis Redfield, and Fern Isabel Coppedge that will be available at an auction this December.

September 25: Affordable Art Fair in New York

The Affordable Art Fair brings together 50 local and international galleries for a display of artworks ranging in price from $100-$10,000.

September 27: Richard Oversmith Paintings

Established painter Richard Oversmith presents a selection of recent works at an upcoming solo exhibition.

October 2: American Impressionist Society National Exhibition

The 15th Annual American Impressionist Society National Juried Exhibition kicks off in early October.

October 3: "The Uncanny" in Contemporary Painting

The “uncanny” -- the mysterious, extraordinary, or uncomfortably strange -- has inspired an exhibition of imaginative representational paintings from Teresa Oaxaca, David Gluck, and Katherine Stone.

October 3: Gladys Roldan-de-Moras Figure Paintings

The charming figurative works of Gladys Roldan-de-Moras manifest the artist’s deep connection with her Mexican and Columbian heritage.

October 5: Anna Marley on American Impressionism & the Garden

An enticing lecture offers a sneak preview of an upcoming exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

October 10: Urban Paintings Show Juried by Jeremy Mann

Notable cityscape and figure painter Jeremy Mann serves as guest juror for an intriguing exhibition of urban paintings.

October 10: Joseph Lorusso One-Man Show

Artist Joseph Lorusso exhibits romantic figure paintings in an upcoming solo show.


October 12: Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational

The annual plein air painting competition and exhibition for the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association offers exciting collecting opportunities.

October 18: Small Works at Howard/Mandville

Nearly 100 leading painters will exhibit small works in a celebrated annual sale held at Howard/Mandville Gallery.

October 18: "How to Build an Art Collection" Panel

Fine Art Connoisseur’s own Peter Trippi will contribute to a panel on the ins and outs of building an art collection.

October 20: The Greenbrier Fine Art Week 2014

A group of outstanding painters will gather for the Greenbrier Fine Art Week, which includes painting, lectures, and sales.

October 21: Moran's California Art Auction

The California Art Auction will put on offer exceptional works of California Impressionism and plein air painting, including landscapes by Guy Rose and William Wendt.

October 23: American Women Artists Signature Members Show

An annual exhibition features roughly 80 artworks by Master and Signature members of the American Women Artists.

October 23: Shannon's American and European Fine Art Auction

At Shannon’s American and European and Fine Art auction, more than 250 lots will be on offer from notable artists such as Richard Estes, Theodore Robinson, and Irving Ramsey Wiles.

October 25: Kelly Sullivan Paints the Delaware River Valley

A selection of recent oil paintings by Kelly Sullivan depicts the people and landscape of the Delaware River Valley.

October 25: Moroni in London

A large-scale exhibition highlights the striking naturalism found in the portraiture of 16th-century Italian painter Giovanni Battista Moroni.

October 26: "Miniatures & More"

The Albuquerque Museum presents its only selling exhibition, the popular annual “Miniatures & More.”

November 7: "Heirs Apparent in the Representational Art World"

An exhibition of the best young talents in representational painting and sculpture points to the bright future of the genre.

November 20: Theta Charity Antiques Show

The Theta Charity Antiques Show features more than 50 established dealers in fine art and antiques.

December 7: Freeman's American Art & Pennsylvania Impressionists Sale

A leading auctioneer for Pennsylvania Impressionist art, Freeman’s will host a sale of paintings from the likes of Edward Redfield and Daniel Garber.
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