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through June 26: Russia and the Arts

Between 1867 and 1914, a host of great writers, artists, actors, composers, and patrons helped develop an extraordinary and rich cultural scene in Russia, the story of which is the focus of a tantalizing exhibition in....

through June 26: Water + Pigment + Paper =

Beauty. That’s what visitors to Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery can expect through June 26 in Crested Butte, Colorado. Can you guess the medium?

through June 30: Don't Miss This!

An outstanding selection of beautiful domestic interiors by Aaron Morgan Brown graces the walls of this esteemed gallery through June 30. Don’t miss out!

Embodying Myth through Imagination

In searching for meaning, joy, and purpose in life, many find art, including artist Brad Overton. His mysterious yet compelling portraits are the subjects of a solo exhibition in Santa Fe.

through July 1: Are You Living the American Dream?

Gary Akers and Marieluise Hutchinson are, during this magnetic group exhibition in Massachusetts. Details here!

through July 1: How One Artist Celebrates the Human Body

Would you agree that there are infinite ways in which the human body can express different emotions, ideas, and narratives? One artist is using her breathtaking talent to celebrate the body’s beauty through the joy of movement and gesture during this solo exhibition.

July: An Exhibition One Can't Ignore

Dutch and still life traditions reign supreme at Wally Workman in Texas this month, with an enticing group exhibition of works by the acclaimed Sarah Ferguson and James Andrew Smith.

July 10: Louis-Auguste Brun Comes Down

Marie-Antoinette is perhaps best known for her unfortunate demise at the hands of French revolutionaries. However, the queen was a woman of remarkable wealth and taste, which was captured with immense talent through the brush and paint of Louis-Auguste Brun.

July 15: An Outdoor Path Closes

Would you agree that art — whether collecting or producing it — is one of the best methods for reaching self-discovery? To be sure, the best artists are constantly reinventing and challenging themselves in order to evolve and improve their artworks. In this way, their products avoid becoming mundane or predictable. An upcoming solo exhibition showcases one Colorado painter’s outdoor path to reinvention.

through July 31: How to Celebrate Summer the Gallery Way

For the past 10 years, the New York Academy of Art has celebrated the hot summer months with a series of outstanding exhibitions that should — among other things — heat up the collector’s checkbook. What’s on the slate for 2016?

through July: What Does Spring Do to the Art World?

How are you welcoming the spring season? Whether it be chirping birds, lush sunlit gardens, blooming wildflower landscapes, or fluffy white clouds, all things spring are showcased at Edgewood Orchard Galleries via a series of current and upcoming group exhibitions. Who’s included?

August 2: Brueghel to Canaletto Closes

An outstanding selection of 40 paintings from Jan Brueghel the Elder to the Venetian master Canaletto are on view soon. Where?

through August 6: This Show Might Bring You to Tears

Begun in 1987 when a cohort of friendly painters met in Taos, New Mexico, the Oklahoma Society of Impressionists (OSI) is just one of many organizations at the forefront of the contemporary realism and plein air movements. Their upcoming show is just the latest display of talent and beauty.

through August 7: Grand Exhibition for Grand Canyon

The Eiteljorg Museum in Indiana will soon open a grand exhibition that tells a thrilling artistic story. Who are the major names included?

August 28: 30 Americans Dismounts

Conversational, controversial, and more, this exhibition is sure to leave you talking. Want to learn more?

September 4: America, Seen Closes at MIA

Between 1900 and 1950, America was a nation of constant evolution — cultural, political, social, and economic. The World Wars, industrialization, and the Great Depression produced an extraordinary time in the United States that resulted in artistic responses and reflections. And that is the subject of an outstanding exhibition in Minneapolis.

through September 11: A Monument Deserving of Artistic Attention

Did you know that the oldest commercial building in Southern California is about to celebrate its 200th anniversary? What better way to celebrate than to capture this monumental moment in brush and paint?

through September 18: What Turner Understood About Color That You Need To Know

Twisting, writhing, turbulent, chaotic, and romantic. These are all common terms associated with the pictures by monumental British artist J.M.W. Turner. These words encapsulate Turner’s language in paint: line, shape, edge, and texture. But can you understand his language of color?

November 18: Picturing Prestige Show Closes

No matter the time or place, one always finds examples of individuals — and families — employing the artist to carefully craft their public images. On view now at the City Museum of New York is an exhibition that explores how 18th- and 19th- century New Yorkers used portraiture as indicators of prestige.

December 31: American Classics

The lovely Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin has an equally stunning array of bird imagery from some of American’s greatest creators during a current exhibition. Who can you expect to see?

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through June 26: Russia and the Arts

Between 1867 and 1914, a host of great writers, artists, actors, composers, and patrons helped develop an extraordinary and rich cultural scene in Russia, the story of which is the focus of a tantalizing exhibition in....