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through May 8: A Wilderness Tamed

A landmark exhibition is proud to feature nearly 50 of the most important artworks to ever emerge from the Hudson River School. Where?

May 10: Van Gogh's Bedrooms On View

The Arles bedroom of Vincent van Gogh was a frequent subject for the painter that held special significance. An upcoming exhibition has brought together each version of “The Bedroom” for the first time in North America. Where?

May 14: Indiana's Cultural Efflorescence

Between 1877 and 1902, Indiana experienced a localized Renaissance of artistic production that has left an enduring legacy for the Hoosier State. Celebrating this achievement, the Indianapolis Museum of Art has a number of these outstanding works on view.

May 15: Painting Arcadia

On view now at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor museum, “Painting Arcadia” is the first major international presentation of this artist’s work in more than 50 years. Who’s the artist?

May 16: The Divine Morales

Organized in tandem with the National Museum of the Prado, “The Divine Morales” is a monumental exhibition devoted to the work of Luis de Morales (1510/1511-1586). The show recently opened at a new location in Spain. Where and for how long?

May 22: Watercolor Worlds

On view now through May 22 are over 194 original watercolors from master Lars Lerin. Needless to say, the American Swedish Institute is overjoyed.

May 28: Painted Parks

Now through May 28 is a colorful exhibition showcasing the landscapes of Erin Hanson. Where?

May 30: Last Days of The Figure Examined

Featuring some of the biggest blockbuster names in the history of art, the Tampa Museum of Art has opened an exhibition that showcases one of the most universal subjects in art: the human figure.

May 30: Last day of "A Visionary Painter"

As one of history’s greatest creators of poetic images, Hubert Robert trod a remarkable artistic path during the 18th century, from Rome, to France, and beyond. The Louvre Museum in Paris recently mounted a major exhibition dedicated to this “enlightened” painter.

June 5: Beauty and Rebellion Closes

Artists of the Pre-Raphaelite movement during the 19th century were without a doubt rebellious, and produced many outstandingly beautiful works. More than 120 paintings from the group are now the subject of an exhibition in Liverpool, England, that explores the city’s role in the movement and its position as the “Victorian art capital of the north.”

June 5: The Splendor of Vivarinis

The exceptional artistic products from one of Venice’s premier Gothic and Renaissance families are on view now at the Palazzo Sarcinelli.

June 5: Maniera Closes in Germany

Mannerism matters in Germany over the next few months as the Städel Museum in Frankfurt has recently mounted a monumental exhibition that includes the style’s biggest names from 16th0century Italy.

June 5: The Anatomy of Portraiture Closes

During the 17th century, painter Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641) undoubtedly mastered the art — and anatomy — of portraiture. Whether it was a wealthy sitter’s real or imagined personality, all were captured with extreme elegance and verisimilitude. For the first time in nearly 20 years, a major exhibition dedicated to the genius is now on view. Where? more

June 5: The Age of Giorgione Closes

The dawn of the 16th century in Venice must have been an exciting thing to behold. Albrecht Dürer, Leonardo da Vinci, and other Renaissance greats were passing through and imparting their influence on a new generation of artists that would revolutionize the city’s art. This story — along with many of the city’s greatest artists — is the subjects of a magnetic exhibition. more

June 12: Georges de La Tour

His artistic personality only recently discovered, the masterful pictures by baroque painter Georges de La Tour (1593-1652) are currently on view during a comprehensive and monumental exhibition at the Prado.

June 12: Dawn's Early Light Exhibition Comes Down

Individuals of the Jewish faith have fully integrated themselves into American public and popular culture. However, this wasn’t always the case, and the Princeton University Art Museum has recently mounted a show that delves into creative products of Jews in America during “the crucible years after the birth of the United States.”

June 15: Deadline for Eli Wilner & Company Grant

Some argue that a frame is almost as important as the artwork itself. When used correctly, a good frame accentuates and showcases the image within its borders. Master framers Eli Wilner & Company recently opened a grant opportunity for frame conservation.

June 20: Last Days of Mythic Mannerism

On view publicly for the first time at the Cantor Arts Center on Stanford University’s campus are selections from Kirk Edward Long’s extraordinary collection of Mannerist prints.

June 15: Deadline for ARC Salon

Arguably the best realist art competition in the world, the Art Renewal Center is now accepting applications for its 2016 Salon. When is the deadline?

through June 26: Russia and the Arts

Between 1867 and 1914, a host of great writers, artists, actors, composers, and patrons helped develop an extraordinary and rich cultural scene in Russia, the story of which is the focus of a tantalizing exhibition in....

July 10: Louis-Auguste Brun Comes Down

Marie-Antoinette is perhaps best known for her unfortunate demise at the hands of French revolutionaries. However, the queen was a woman of remarkable wealth and taste, which was captured with immense talent through the brush and paint of Louis-Auguste Brun.

July 15: An Outdoor Path Closes

Would you agree that art — whether collecting or producing it — is one of the best methods for reaching self-discovery? To be sure, the best artists are constantly reinventing and challenging themselves in order to evolve and improve their artworks. In this way, their products avoid becoming mundane or predictable. An upcoming solo exhibition showcases one Colorado painter’s outdoor path to reinvention.

March 25 - August 7: Grand Exhibition for Grand Canyon

The Eiteljorg Museum in Indiana will soon open a grand exhibition that tells a thrilling artistic story. Who are the major names included?

August 28: 30 Americans Dismounts

Conversational, controversial, and more, this exhibition is sure to leave you talking. Want to learn more?

September 4: America, Seen Closes at MIA

Between 1900 and 1950, America was a nation of constant evolution — cultural, political, social, and economic. The World Wars, industrialization, and the Great Depression produced an extraordinary time in the United States that resulted in artistic responses and reflections. And that is the subject of an outstanding exhibition in Minneapolis.

November 18: Picturing Prestige Show Closes

No matter the time or place, one always finds examples of individuals — and families — employing the artist to carefully craft their public images. On view now at the City Museum of New York is an exhibition that explores how 18th- and 19th- century New Yorkers used portraiture as indicators of prestige.

August 2: Brueghel to Canaletto Closes

An outstanding selection of 40 paintings from Jan Brueghel the Elder to the Venetian master Canaletto are on view soon. Where?

December 31: American Classics

The lovely Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin has an equally stunning array of bird imagery from some of American’s greatest creators during a current exhibition. Who can you expect to see?

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through May 8: A Wilderness Tamed

A landmark exhibition is proud to feature nearly 50 of the most important artworks to ever emerge from the Hudson River School. Where?