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Art Auction & Online Retail Giants Joining Forces

The art auction powerhouse Sotheby's and online sales platform eBay have announced a partnership with significant implications for online art collectors. more

Contemporary Painters Draw Inspiration from Sorolla

A painter celebrated in his time, Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida continues to gain admirers and inspire figurative art-making nearly 100 years after his death. more

Kelly Carmody: Classic Elegance, Contemporary Painter

Producing grand portraiture in an immaculate realist style and powerfully symbolic still lifes, Kelly Carmody sustains the techniques of the Old Masters. more

Celebrating 20 Years of Figurative Sculpture

A special exhibition featuring the art of Paige Bradley encourages aspiration and self-expression through stunning figurative works. more

Old Masters Perform Well in London

With the closing of London Art Week, a group of high-profile paintings did not disappoint, and several exceptional drawings gained worldwide attention. more

Selling Paintings and Fighting Cancer

Find out how one gallery and its artists are bringing beauty into the world through art and their support of cancer-fighting programs. more

Composing Success: Oils by David Tanner

David Tanner combines a painterly touch with a studied approach to composition, creating memorable portraits and landscapes. more

Master Drawings in Minneapolis

Drawings, watercolors, and pastels from Guercino to Winslow Homer to Ed Ruscha will turn eyes on a little-known but high-quality collection of works on paper. more

Sunsets on Martha's Vineyard

From sailboats on the water to skyscrapers in the city and sunsets at the coast, these established painters honor the scenic elements of the Northeast. more

Premium Quality, Intimate Scale

Some of the country's finest Western artists exhibit small-scale and affordable paintings in one place. more

Classically Contemporary: New York Artists in Italy

An art exhibition and cultural experiment exports paintings, sculptures, and drawings from distinguished alumni of the New York Academy of Art. more

Nearly 900 Works Missing From the Prado

One of the world's most distinguished art collections may have an issue with misplacing artworks. Did they look under the couch cushions? more

"Glimpses" of a Powerful Painter

Joshua Meyer's paintings become gripping sites for the unfolding of internal conflicts and aesthetic exploration. more

Florence Academy to Open New Branch

Daniel Graves and the Florence Academy of Art have announced a significant new venture that will see the respected atelier open its first location in the U.S. more

A Primary Source for California Plein Air Painting

At a forthcoming sale, collectors will find the distinctive landscape paintings of California Impressionists Guy Rose, William Wendt, and their accomplished peers. more

A Bold New Face for the Clark Art Institute

A 15-year project to reimagine the campus of the Clark Art Institute has produced a stunning new site that is visitor- and eco-friendly. more

Painting for the Environment

Connecticut artist Jan Dilenschneider displays oil paintings internationally in an effort to grow appreciation for, and inspire action on behalf of, our planet. more

Where to See Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring"

Major news regarding Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring" will affect the visibility of this celebrity-status painting in the future. more

Canada's Past, Seen Through Its Paintings

Painting may serve as an expression of national, as well as personal, sentiment. One historical survey demonstrates again how intimately painting is related to a nation's history, landscape, and people. more

France Leads the Way with Photographic Policy

A new policy affecting the use of photography in French art museums indicates a progressive openness that may become standard in the near future. more

Exceptional Equine Art

For centuries the horse has occupied an important place in the culture of the American West -- as majestic creatures, effective means of transportation, and now, as the subject of moving paintings and sculptures. more

"Wives, Daughters, and Lovers" Through Modern and Contemporary Eyes

Figurative artists from Henri Matisse to Steven Assael have thoughtfully explored the many significant roles of the female figure. more

Meditations on the Northwest Landscape

The pervasive greenery of the Northwest and the expansive blue of the Pacific to its coastline come alive in oil paintings and watercolors. more

Winners Out West

The American Plains Artists honored two artist members for outstanding contributions to their latest selling exhibition. more

Bewitching Watercolors by Kevin Weckbach

The fluid and expressive medium of watercolor finds worthy expression in the hands of Kevin Weckbach, who will soon unveil a display of his recent work. more

Save the Date: Coeur d'Alene Art Auction

Russell, Remington, and Terpning are just a few of the important Western artists represented in the rapidly approaching Coeur d'Alene Art Auction, simply one of the best in the genre. more

Jamie Wyeth: Artist in His Own Right

The first comprehensive museum exhibition for Jamie Wyeth should lead to a better understanding of his unique contribution to American art. Preview the show ahead of its opening next week. more

Art Hits the Hamptons

This weekend a much-anticipated contemporary art fair brings paintings, sculptures, and more to New York's favorite summer vacation destination. more

William R. Davis's "Personal Reflections"

The sailboats and bays of Cape Cod enliven the art of William R. Davis, who is being honored with a museum retrospective. more

Stolen $3 Million Matisse Returns Home

Taken from a Venezuelan museum and replaced with a forgery some 15 years ago, an odalisque by Henri Matisse made its triumphant return this week. more

"Capturing Beauty" with Still Life

A display of new work by Sarah Lamb and Roseta Santiago shows the power of still life to manifest the talent of the painter and the beauty of her subject. more

Fresh Look for Florence Academy

Approaching its 25th year under the direction of esteemed realist painter Daniel Graves, the Florence Academy of Art is offering a new way to enjoy the art of students and alumni. more

Finalists for $10,000 Painting Prize

The Grand Central Atelier has announced the 10 competitors who will battle for the $10,000 Grand Prize in its prestigious Still Life Competition. more

Figures by the Scribners

Two classically trained artists present provocative figurative works in a forthcoming show. Sara and Shane Scribner also happened to be married, making their household a very talented one. more

What Might van Gogh's Next Painting Have Looked Like?

A Dutch artist has used digital analysis to answer just this question, producing a painting that simulates Vincent van Gogh's next work. Statistically speaking, that is. more

An Art "of Beauties and Beasts"

Combining realistic techniques and fantastical subject matter produces an art that is truly memorable. more

Discounting a Vermeer

With questions about its authenticity looming, the performance of the newest Vermeer at auction would reveal the consensus opinion of its value. more

Ron Richmond: Surface, Symbol, Spirit

Moving symbolism and implied narratives fill the still life paintings of Ron Richmond with an aura of profound significance. more

Haunting Visions of Things Done and Undone

Is there contemporary resonance for the German Expressionist movement? One New York artist is at least showing that representational work need not be beautiful to demand attention. more

London's Week for the Old Masters

While Americans are celebrating Independence Day, British art lovers will be treated to some fireworks of their own in the form of Old Master paintings, drawings, and sculpture. more

Seattle's Newest Gallery

Having found success with its flagship location in Bellevue, Hall Spassov Gallery initiates a new space in downtown Seattle this week. Preview its grand opening display, which features the gallery's edgy aesthetic. more

El Greco's Long Legacy

The undulating forms, brilliant color, and spiritual energy of El Greco's paintings have left an indelible impact on painting and other art forms in the 400 years since his death. more

Portrait Artists on the "Loved and Observed"

Classically trained and highly skilled, these women artists are far from traditional, using portraiture to reveal, celebrate, and captivate. more

The Keys to Understanding Today's Art Market

The 21st-century art market is anything but straightforward. A new book may provide some answers and assurance for the wary collector. more

Change of Direction for London Museums

Change lies ahead for two of London's finest and most recognized museums. more

Uncovering Renaissance Portraits

At one American museum, an informative display on conservation and technical analysis has produced potentially significant discoveries. more

Exhibiting Art Instructors

In Seattle, a display of paintings and prints by active arts educators celebrates those who invest in the art of future generations as well as their own work. more

Vandalized Monet Painting Receives Radical Restoration

Almost exactly two years after a visitor to its galleries punched a hole through a prized Monet, the National Gallery of Ireland unveiled the restored painting. more

Rarely Seen Renoir

American audiences have a rare opportunity to view a fine portrait from Impressionist figure Pierre-Auguste Renoir. more

Gratitude and Serenity in the Paintings of Deb Kaylor

Deb Kaylor's recent oil paintings create an enviable world filled with the charming personalities of farm animals and the peaceful aura of rural America. more

Gregg Chadwick's "Revenant"

Specters from a distant past -- or perhaps another level of existence -- people the nostalgic and visionary works of Gregg Chadwick. more

Highlights From Masterpiece London

This weekend marks the opening of Masterpiece London 2014, a weeklong display of fine art and antiquities. more

Sale of Pre-Raphaelite Masterpiece Brings Major Consequences

The not-for-profit art world is responding with vigor to the Delaware Art Museum's cynical sale of artworks to meet its bottom line. more

Museum Display for Daniel Sprick

With the unveiling of a new solo show at the Denver Art Museum, Daniel Sprick achieves a distinction very few living painters can claim. more

Art Everywhere U.S. Unveils Nation's Favorite Artworks

Over a four-week period in August, billboards across the country will celebrate the most popular works in American art history. Find out which works were chosen for this special display. more

These Lilies Cost $54 Million

A busy auction season in London already has one intriguing storyline: A Claude Monet painting of water lilies topped the $50 million mark. more

Provenance: Tracing the Roots of Fine Art

When it comes to art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when it comes to the value of art, a well-documented provenance can be the difference between priceless and worthless. more

New Perspectives on the Nude

In the hands of these figurative artists, the human form, with its essential beauty and vulnerability, continues to be one of the most compelling artistic subjects. more

Eric Fischl Exploring Art Forms

Painter, sculptor, draftsman, and American "bad boy" Eric Fischl exhibits seductive two- and three-dimensional works in Los Angeles. more

Look Inside Regal Home for Dutch Golden Age Painting

Best known to American audiences as home to Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring" and Carel Fabritius's "The Goldfinch," the Mauritshuis museum reopens this week to great anticipation. more

An Art Show for Animal Lovers

Cats and dogs have a special place in the hearts of many, but now they are also claiming a place in the museum. A display of paintings, sculptures, and works on paper looks at the pervasiveness of pets in fine art. more

Fresh Faces in "Effigy and Exile"

A new guard of painters and sculptors is recovering the fascination in representation, creating visionary narrative and portrait works. more

Portrait of Homeless Man Wins International Competition

The prestigious BP Portrait Award has announced this year's award winners, and a sensitive portrayal of a homeless person claimed the top prize. more

Dominic Avant: Painting Life By the Water

Florida's desirable climate comes to life in the paintings of Dominic Avant, an artist who is attuned to the area's warm light and welcoming beaches. more

Katherine Stone: A Poetical Passion

A talented artist who is unswervingly committed to the realist genre, Katherine Stone speaks to the inspiration behind her poetic compositions and her enthusiasm for realist painting. more

Bonhams' Trio of Sales

Londoners and New Yorkers will be treated to a series of painting auctions from Bonhams in the coming week, with a rediscovered Gauguin still life taking prominence as the most intriguing lot. more

Global Visions From Marc Dalessio

The rest of us may not be so fortunate to see as much of the world as painter Marc Dalessio, but thankfully, the artist is keen to share his vast experiences through pristine oils. more

Winners of the West

A handful of respected artists garnered more accolades at Prix de West 2014, where Jeremy Lipking continued his recent success, capturing the Prix de West medallion. more

Newly Attributed Rembrandt Receives Triumphant Display

The U.K. National Trust proudly presents its newly recognized Rembrandt self-portrait in a special exhibition. more

Studio Incamminati Presents Annual Sale

A selling exhibition to benefit Philadelphia's classical artist atelier showcases paintings by Nelson Shanks, Kerry Dunn, Joseph Dolderer, and Lea Colie Wight. more

Fine Figures by Michael Carson

Unlike the leisurely figures that people his paintings, fans of Michael Carson will have to move hastily to catch a display of seductive new paintings. more

Hidden Picasso Portrait Unveiled

A previously unknown portrait by Picasso has been discovered beneath the surface of a major painting from his famous Blue Period. more

Mystical Modernism in the Northwest

During the mid-20th century, four now-legendary painters pioneered a form of Modernism driven by social and spiritual connection. A new display honors their unique contribution to art history. more

Thomas Cole and Highlights of American Landscape Art

A masterpiece of 19th-century landscape painting, Thomas Cole's "The Voyage of Life" receives a special installation alongside works by Asher B. Durand and George Inness. more

New York Academy of Art Unveils Summer Show

Boasting compelling artworks in a range of media, organized by a cast of esteemed curators, the annual juried Summer Exhibition from the New York Academy of Art arrives this weekend. more

Valerio D'Ospina: Living Cities and Dying Industries

Born in Italy and trained at Florence's Accademia di Belle Arti, Valerio D'Ospina paints the city with refined skill and a contemporary edge. more

Van Gogh and Neo-Impressionist Portraiture

The dotted brushstrokes and striking color contrasts of Neo-Impressionist painting produced some of the world's most recognizable imagery, despite the movement's short duration. Take a closer look at the portraiture produced by Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries. more

Awards for Exceptional Oil Painters

The Oil Painters of America have unveiled their National Juried Exhibition in Vermont, and now the show's award winners receive recognition for their outstanding contributions. more

Video From Conference on Connoisseurship

What role does connoisseurship play in the art world today? What are its merits and pitfalls? Should the eye test be given authority over scientific findings in questions of authenticity? These questions and more provoked intriguing debate during a recent conference at London's Paul Mellon Centre, now viewable online. more

Gage Hangs Annual Highlight Exhibition

An annual awards exhibition and sale at Seattle's Gage Academy of Art honors the best of the atelier's production and provides an abundance of collecting chances. more

Whale of a Restoration

A rather straightforward cleaning of a Dutch landscape painting turned remarkable when the artwork conservator uncovered a previously unknown -- and quite large -- figure. more

Important Romantic Landscape Arrives in Dallas

A highlight of Scandinavian painting, depicting Copenhagen's historic Frederiksborg Castle, will take up its new residence at the Dallas Museum of Art. more

Portrait Artists Display "Emanations"

Through the medium of portraiture, a group of innovative artists at Dacia Gallery visualize art's life-giving energy. more

Automakers Drive "Grand Bargain" Forward

With a city built by the automobile industry in danger of losing a major cultural institution, American car companies have made significant contributions to the cause. more

Charting the History of Color With Art

If visitors to the U.K. National Gallery thought they had seen every possible permutation of its historic collection, they are sure to be surprised by an innovative new show that organizes artworks by their pigmentation. more

Local Landscapes on View in Montana

Two artists based in the scenic Northern state of Montana exhibit recent paintings honoring its impressive natural beauty. more

Art at the World Cup: Sanctioned and Street

Whether by official art prints or murals on the streets of Rio, art makes its presence known at the World Cup in Brazil. more

Beauties for the Getty in Marble and Bronze

The Getty Museum unveiled two exquisite new sculptures this week -- acquisitions that will likely become highlights of the already esteemed collection. more

Heartfelt & Heroic: Sculptures by Austin Weishel

Austin Weishel's bronze monuments honoring firefighters and the police force come from a place of honesty. A volunteer fireman himself, Weishel is armed with the life experience and technical skill to create an art of moving sincerity. more

Grand New Plans for the Frick

Henry Clay Frick's gem of an art collection, housed in his Gilded Age mansion off 5th Avenue, may soon see its setting grandly transformed. more

Inness Landscapes on View

American painting legend George Inness captured the pastoral American landscape with a vibrant, spiritual energy that still emanates from his artworks 150 years later. more

Fine Art Connoisseur Publisher Visits "Tim's Vermeer" Set

To celebrate the release of the DVD of the popular documentary Tim's Vermeer, Fine Art Connoisseur publisher B. Eric Rhoads visited Tim Jenison and the "Vermeer Room," constructed for the documentary as an exact re-creation of the Vermeer painting "The Music Lesson." A new video captures Rhoads's interview with Jenison. more

Best of the Oil Painters of America

Many of the most accomplished painters in America will display recent works in the national exhibition for the Oil Painters of America. Get a sneak preview of this exceptional display. more

Getty Explores "The Scandalous Art of James Ensor"

A landmark exhibition on Belgian artist James Ensor introduces an art of aesthetic exploration, brimming with psychological and satirical complexity. more

Coming Soon: 2014 Prix de West

The Western art world in America turns its eyes to Oklahoma City this month with the return of Prix de West, a can't-miss exhibition and sale featuring many of the country's top artistic talents. more

Artists and Art Lovers Await Alla Prima Companion Release

The very influential art instruction book Alla Prima II, featuring legendary painter Richard Schmid, will soon have a separate companion volume. more

Swann Auction Looks at "The Shape of Things to Come"

Elizabeth Catlett and Barkley Hendricks lead an intriguing auction African-American fine art from the mid-20th century onwards. more

Seven Sculptors Design for NYC Parks

A select group of sculptors from the Art Students League of New York will share new works and collaborate on a monumental sculptural installation for New York City parks. more

More is Better at Gallery 1261

For a gallery with an abundance of talented painters like Daniel Sprick, Katherine Stone, and Aaron Westerberg, a compelling group exhibition is a clear solution. more

Wyeth, Glackens & Pennsylvania Impressionists on Offer

American impressionist paintings of outstanding quality mark an upcoming auction at Freeman's. more

Figures by Cheetham, Mann & Nagel

Three talented artists whose work is in high demand combine their talents for an engaging and provocative show of figurative painting. more

Jeffrey T. Larson: Capturing What Captures You

Renowned still life and figure painter Jeffrey T. Larson shares a selection of recent paintings along with his thoughts on captivating subjects, degrees of finish, and where he finds the drive to continue painting. more

Detroit's "Grand Bargain" Protects Art Collection

This week's developments in Michigan signal good things for the Detroit Institute of Arts, as the "grand bargain" moves forward. more

Winners Announced in Oil Painters of America Competition

The Oil Painters of America has chosen the fortunate winners for its Spring 2014 Online Showcase, and the names include some up-and-coming talent in the world of representational painting. more

Nicolas V. Sanchez: Drawing on Heritage

With an art that is deeply rooted in family history, Nicolas V. Sanchez honors his ancestors and their lifestyle through haunting oil paintings and exacting pen drawings. more

Rockwell Reigns in Trio of American Art Sales

A busy week of American art sales in New York saw auction giants Sotheby's and Christie's face off with their respective Rockwell offerings. A third sale by Bonhams was not without its strengths as well. more

Major Excitement For Met's Freely Accessible Digital Collection

Art scholars, students, and supporters now have access to thousands of digital images from one of the country's finest encyclopedic art collections. more

Coming Soon: Art Antiques London 2014

Sixty respected exhibitors from the U.K., the U.S., Netherlands, France, and Australia will display their finest works at June's Art Antiques London. more

Lipking Leads ARC Salon Winners

The Art Renewal Center has announced the award-winning artists in the 2013/2014 Salon, chosen from a list of 685 distinguished painters, sculptors, and draftsmen. more

Admiring "The Art of Beauty"

A summer exhibition series at S.R. Brennen Galleries opens with a display of remarkable figurative art from the likes of Adrian Gottlieb, Daniel Graves, Cesar Santos, and Nelson Shanks. more

Announcing William Hook Retrospective Volume

Art lovers will soon have a new avenue for appreciating the art of William Hook, devoted painter of the American landscape. more

Irvine Museum Welcomes Contemporary Painting

An innovative new display brings together the best in plein air painting from yesterday and today, from Guy Rose to John Cosby. more

Paintings From the Pissarro Family

An artistic dynasty initiated by the important Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro displays together for the first time. more

Velazquez on Your Mobile Device

A new application released by the Prado Museum brings highlights from its world-renowned collection, including the Diego Velázquez masterpiece "Las Meninas," to phones and tablets everywhere. more

Evocative Landscapes from Lynn Boggess

Landscape painter Lynn Boggess creates a parallel for the heterogeneity of nature using varied strokes and application techniques. more

Figurative Art of Interest

Seven skilled painters and two talented sculptors at Highlands Art Gallery explore the value of the human form as a subject in "A Person of Interest." more

Rembrandt Prints For All

Nearly 500 prints by the Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn are now available for public enjoyment and use through Rembrandt Prints Online. more

Last Chance: "Wildlife & Western Visions Art Show"

The final weekend for a compelling exhibition of cowboy, equine, Native American, and landscape art is fast approaching. more

Getty Digital Library Encourages Public Education in the Arts

Continuing a bold effort to democratize its art and scholarship, the Getty has made hundreds of publications available to the art-loving public online. more

Retrospective for Father of Photorealism

The paintings of quintessential photorealist Richard Estes demonstrate the artist's precise talent and vision. more

Corcoran Blends With National Gallery

Terms have been finalized in an agreement that will see two Washington institutions absorb the buildings, collection, and art college belonging to the Corcoran. more

Spanish Master Drawings Displayed in Texas

Ink and chalk drawings by Goya, Murillo, and more of the finest Spanish draftsmen in art history receive a public display at Dallas' Meadows Museum. more

Met Museum Acquires Monumental Le Brun Portrait

A rare gem of a portrait by Charles Le Brun, the leading court painter to Louis XIV, has a new home in New York. more

May Flowers Are Blooming in Arizona

Five contemporary artists are enlivening the spring season with a display of handsome floral paintings. more

Jonathan Yeo Portrait Sold to Benefit Women's Rights Charity

British figurative painter Jonathan Yeo offered his talents up for the greater good, donating a portrait that earned over $100,000 for an inspiring women's charity. more

New Paintings From Sarah Lamb & Edward Minoff

Moving coastal landscapes from Edward Minoff and exquisite still life paintings from Sarah Lamb only get better when shown together. more

Nature Surfaces in Contemporary Art

An intriguing display of "Contemporary Naturalism" visualizes how today's artists are drawing from nature and representing it in fresh new ways. more

Painting for Hollywood

British figurative painter Michael Taylor had created countless portraits over a very successful career -- but never had a painting of his starred in a feature film. That changed when filmmaker Wes Anderson commissioned him for a Neo-Renaissance portrait. more

Brian Stephens and Intimate Distance

Blending whimsical immediacy and thoughtful expression, artist Brian Stephens invites viewers into a colorful, imaginative, and unpredictable painted world. more

The Representational Art Conference -- On Film

Riveting lectures and panel discussions made the Representational Art Conference a tremendous success, inspiring artists, collectors, academics, and museum professionals. Relive the event or see it for the first time through videos now accessible online. more

Jean Stern Honored With Book Publisher's Award

An eventful and exciting year continues for Jean Stern, art historian and director of the Irvine Museum. A recent publication to which Stern contributed his knowledge of American landscape painting has been chosen to receive a national book publishing award. more

Visualizing the Spiritual in Art Today

Spiritual expression has driven much of art-making since the earliest creators of sculptures and paintings. A selling exhibition devoted to contemporary manifestations of the spiritual in art commemorates this historic relationship. more

Hunt Painting Among Delaware Deaccessions

In debt for nearly $20 million, the Delaware Art Museum is moving forward with its plan to raise the money by deaccessioning important artworks. The first victim: a William Holman Hunt masterpiece. more

Papal Portrait in Progress

The accomplished Russian-born American painter Igor Babailov, who completed portraits of the last two popes, has been commissioned to create an official likeness of Pope Francis. more

American Art, From Copley to Schmid

Breadth and quality define an upcoming sale of American art, with John Singleton Copley, John Singer Sargent, and a host of other important artists represented. more

Probable Van Gogh Painting Discovered in Spain

Once more, a tax investigation has yielded a momentous discovery for the art world, this time recovering a lost painting thought to be a Vincent Van Gogh. more

Beauty and Diversity in Pre-Raphaelite Production

What did Rossetti, Burne-Jones, and the Pre-Raphaelite movement accomplish in the world of art, and how broad was its impact? The Metropolitan explores the roles of the Pre-Raphaelites as artists, designers, and visionaries. more

Francois Bard's "Contre-Nuit"

American audiences have an opportunity to view and interact with the monumental, haunting figurative works of François Bard. more

Where Still Life Is Now

A group of talented artists at Tory Folliard Gallery are exploring what value and range the historic art of the still life holds for contemporary artists with diverse aims and aesthetics. more

"Hopper Drawing" Honored With Best Shows & Catalogues of 2013

Museum professionals celebrated the exceptional efforts of their colleagues at the annual Association of Art Museum Curators Conference, recognizing the premier shows and catalogues from last year. more

Teresa Saia's Contemporary Impressionism

Northwest artist Teresa Saia unveils a recent body of work that features luminous landscapes and sun-dappled street scenes. more

Paul Fenniak: Imaginative Idiosyncrasy

Aesthetically and intellectually, the eccentric figurative paintings of Paul Fenniak consistently reward the viewer's engagement. more

Truthful & Graceful: Figures By Amy Lind

A figurative painter attuned to the emotional vulnerabilities of her subjects as well as the symbolic potential of her art form, Amy Lind skillfully blends contemporary perspective and classical tradition. more

New, Expanded Edition of Bouguereau Catalogue

Among the most significant contributions to scholarship on William Bouguereau in recent years, the 2010 catalogue raisonné has been expanded with new research and updated with more color reproductions of the French master's artwork. more

Bronzes and Oils: Contemporary Iterations of a Historic Pairing

An exhibition at J.M. Stringer Gallery honors the historical pairing of bronze sculpture and oil painting with contemporary examples of both media. more

Honoring John Stobart

Beloved marine painter John Stobart displays artworks in a late-career retrospective and will offer up insights during a fireside chat with Fine Art Connoisseur editor Peter Trippi. more

Big Winners Announced in Annual Portrait Competition

The Portrait Society of America's prestigious International Portrait Competition has designated this year's award winners, who will now be considered at the forefront of contemporary portraiture. more

British National Portrait Gallery "Saves" Van Dyck Painting for U.K.

An attempt by an American art collector to purchase a Van Dyck portrait from a London gallery prompted a successful national campaign to keep the painting in Britain. more

Andrew Wyeth on the National Scene

An important retrospective for 20th-century American painter Andrew Wyeth explores the artist's fascination with windows, portals, and perception. more

Huntington Adds Bellows and Dove

Key works by two central figures in 20th-century American painting, George Bellows and Arthur Dove, will join the outstanding art collections at the Huntington. more

Tony Pro's "Real Cowboys & Cowgirls"

Recently appointed an ARC Living Master, Tony Pro now unveils a group of recent works with cowboys and cowgirls as their rustic, heartfelt subjects. more

The New Bay Area Figure Painters

Three intriguing painters -- Suhas Bhujbal, Daniel Ochoa, and Ryoko Tajiri -- display together in an exhibition that explores the contemporary legacy of the Bay Area Figurative Movement. more

The Power of Place

Stillness and unspecified significance give the nocturnal cityscapes of Sarah Williams an irresistible visual interest. more

Owner of Munich Art Trove Dead at 81; Collection to Swiss Museum

Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of Nazi-era art dealer Hildebrand Gurlitt and the owner of the 1,280 paintings that have come to be known as the Munich Art Trove, has died. more

The "Impatient Realism" of John Cook

From bunnies to pewter, French ruins to Texas diners, John Cook's oil paintings bring the artist's painterly vision to bear on moments of beauty from daily life. more

LACMA Collection Grows by 10

A nude painting by Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres became one of 10 new acquisitions at an annual fundraiser for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. more

U.K. National Gallery Unveils Online Catalogue for Renaissance Exhibition

Archways and vaults, windows and apertures are ubiquitous in the visual language of Italian Renaissance painting. A freely accessible exhibition catalogue provides an insightful survey of the topic. more

Moving Artistic Visions in Gray

A provocative exhibition visualizes the nuanced expressions and emotional capacities of artworks composed in grays. more

Auction Results: Christie's 19th-Century European Art Sale

Courbet and Bouguereau, two monumental figures in 19th-century French painting, led all sales at Christie's auction this week. more

Ciphering Cycles in American Art

Fine Art Today readers have a special opportunity to attend the upcoming American Art Conference, where a host of notable scholars will gather to exchange art historical knowledge and ideas. more

A Fresh Space & Perspective for Fine Art

Like many gallery spaces, the newly opened Anne Neilson Fine Art offers a selection of beautiful artworks for sale, but unlike others, this gallery's sales will go to support charities in addition to itself. more

An Embarrassment of Riches for Sotheby's in New York

Each with a trio of upcoming sales featuring many of the most celebrated artists of the last two centuries, Sotheby's and Christie's have the art world's biggest collectors focused on the Big Apple. more

Christina Massey's "Salva Veritate"

Innovative artist Christina Massey merges painting and craft in her work, creating colorful patterns that push the painted canvas in interesting directions. more

Painting Water With Eric Zener

The visual and psychological phenomena that result from the interaction of humans, light, and water form the substance for new paintings by Eric Zener. more

Women Artists of the West Ride Into San Diego

Fine equine, cowboy, and landscape paintings arrive in spades at the annual exhibition for the Women Artists of the West. more

Artsy Recognized as Best Art Website

A cleanly presented, quality, and growing digital inventory has gained Artsy a distinction among art collection websites. more

Beguiling Bovine Paintings From Teresa Elliott

Texan artist Teresa Elliott renders bulls, cows, and calves with an endearing tone and a remarkable painterly touch. more

Rene Snyman: "This Is My Africa"

South Africa seems an unlikely place to produce an impressionistic figurative painter, but René Snyman has drawn on her connection to the country's people, land, and animals for inspiration -- gaining international attention in the process. more

Helpful Handbook for Art Collectors

A new textual resource for art collectors provides a comprehensive look at the issues and questions a collector faces, from acquisitions to organization and maintenance. more

Finalists Announced for BP Portrait Award

Three portrait painters have been shortlisted in the competition for Britain's prestigious BP Portrait Award, and one highly respected American realist is among them. more

Dutch Portrait Leads Old Master Sale

A luminous portrait from the hand of renowned 17th-century Dutch artist Gerrit van Honthorst will appear at auction later this month. more

Charting "Inner Journey / Visual Experience"

Four contemporary artists collaborate on an exciting exhibition that visualizes the confluence between introspective habits of seeing and aesthetic modes of expression. more

Watch a Caillebotte Restoration Reveal the Artist's True Impressionist Vision

A landmark painting by Gustave Caillebotte was recently restored at the Art Institute of Chicago, with startling results. more

National Sculpture Society Fellows Display Online

A select group of contemporary sculptors from the National Sculpture Society have contributed to an online exhibition that provides a look at recent work from the country's finest figurative sculptors. more

"Dick and Jane" Artist Featured in Upcoming Auction

The illustrator behind the beloved "Dick and Jane" characters is represented by nearly 50 lots in an upcoming no-reserve auction. more

The Art of the Pastel

The historic and beautiful medium of pastel receives relatively little attention in the contemporary art world, but a group display of talented practitioners reminds us of what it can achieve. more

Romanticism Alive in Contemporary Painting

In reaction to purely logical and unfeeling modes of painting, Romanticism brought imagination, emotion, spiritualism, irrationality, and individualized expression to fine art. These elements resurface in the works of three provocative contemporary painters. more

Spring Season Brings Forth Resplendent Watercolors

Highly accomplished watercolor painter William Matthews presents a selection of recent works, including some of the artist's famed representations of working cowboys. more

Detroit Pension Deal Decreases Chances of Art Fire Sale

A pending deal in Detroit could limit the damage to at-risk pensions for civilians, with significant implications for the safety of the collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts. more

20 Years of Quality Art at Principle Gallery

An established presence in the world of contemporary representational art, Principle Gallery celebrates 20 years this month with a characteristically handsome exhibition. more

Formal Duality in the Figurative Art of Anna Wypych

Polish artist Anna Wypych boldly challenges the idea that a figurative artist is either traditional or progressive, producing moving works in both modes. more

"Portraiture in the Age of Abstraction"

In the middle of the 20th century, at the height of abstract art's historical moment, a group of artists worked to recover the portrait's significance and reinvent its form. more

ARC Salon Finalists Revealed

With Best in Show and a fully produced documentary from Streamline Art Video on the line, the Art Renewal Center has released the names of the exceptional artists who are finalists for the 2013/2014 ARC Salon. more

Last Chance to See Award-Winning Works From Distinguished Women Painters

A selection of impressive figurative, landscape, and still life works from women artists of the Southeastern U.S. comprises the WPSE Members' Show. more

Wendy Shalen: Meditations on Motherhood and Mortality

Displaying a recent series of touching drawings, watercolors, and prints,
Wendy Shalen honors the shared joys and sorrows that form abiding ties among family. more

Art Will Be Everywhere in the U.S.

Art Everywhere will soon bring reproductions of 50 American masterpieces to more than 50,000 public locations across the States -- and you have the power to choose which works are displayed. more

Walters Museum Opens Doors to American Art Collection

By displaying rarely seen works in its galleries and announcing the digitization of its American collections, the Walters Art Museum is making the work of important artists like Whistler and Sargent accessible to all. more

What's Next for the Munich Art Trove?

The latest developments in the saga of the Munich Art Trove have seen the collection returned to Cornelius Gurlitt while investigations of ownership continue. more

Jason Shawn Alexander's "No Good at Exits"

Fair warning: Interaction with Jason Shawn Alexander's challenging figurative paintings may render viewers unable to disengage. more

Late Bouguereau Returns to Christie's Sale

A fine Bouguereau portrait will be offered for the second time at a Christie's auction late this month -- and this time with a much smaller price tag. more

First Figurative Paintings for Western Artist Glenn Dean

Widely respected for his landscapes depicting the American West, Glenn Dean forays into the figurative world with his most recent body of work. more

Contemporary Painters Get Gloomy with Edgar Allan Poe

A group of respected painters looked to the macabre, creating Poe-inspired paintings that will receive a delightfully dark presentation at the Poe Museum. more

Tax Breaks for Displaying Art Elsewhere?

A hot-button issue in the art world debates the morality of a maneuver that art collectors have been using for decades to avoid taxes on recent purchases. more

Portrait Competition Captured on Video

Three talented artists demonstrated their skills for a live audience at Principle Gallery's annual "Face Off" portrait painting event, and one of them captured her painting process in a time-lapse video. more

Salon International Presents Awards

Widely respected realist painter David A. Leffel served as judge at Salon International 2014, choosing the award winners from a very attractive exhibition. more

Women Artists Unite at "Cowgirl Up!"

Each year the "Cowgirl Up!" exhibition and sale makes it easy to find new work from the best women artists of the American West. Record sales and exciting awards have already marked the 2014 edition. more

Sargent to Stobart in Sotheby's American Sale

Rockwell, Wyeth, Sargent, and Stobart will all be represented at an April sale of fine American paintings, sculptures, and works on paper. more


Rembrandt Uncovered in Nebraska

A new attribution has distinguished the Joslyn Art Museum's "Portrait of Dirck van Os" as the latest Rembrandt discovery. more

Museum Leaders from Across the Globe Converge on New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art will host 14 international museum leaders in the first-ever colloquium focused on increasing dialogue among art institutions around the globe. more

Robert Henri's Spanish Visions

At the turn of the 20th century, legendary American painter Robert Henri was seduced by a romantic vision of Spain -- its bullfighters, dancers, and itinerants. That fascination comes to the fore in a beautiful traveling exhibition. more
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