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OPA Masters Only

What happens when a gallery hangs oil paintings by 37 living masters at the same time? Brilliance. more

Auction Results: Coeur d'Alene Art Auction

Exceptionally strong sales marked the 29th annual Coeur d'Alene Art Auction, with good results for historical artists like Russell and Remington and for living artists like Terpning and Schmid. more

Art World Commemorates WWI

August 2014 marks 100 years since the outbreak of World War I, and historical institutions worldwide are remembering the events and victims of the Great War. more

Marveling at Maine With Roger Dale Brown

With its iconic lighthouses, rugged fishing vessels, and striking vistas, coastal Maine inspires beautiful paintings from Roger Dale Brown. more

Exceptional Art on an Ordinary Budget

Find out where to see works by Lipking, Liepke, and many more talented artists, all priced under $5,000. more

"The Goldfinch" Goes Hollywood

Fame found a Dutch Old Master painting by way of a popular recent novel. Now the notoriety of Carel Fabritius's "The Goldfinch" will be taken to a whole new level. more

New Report Finds More Value in Detroit Art Collection

A recent assessment of the collection held at the Detroit Institute of Arts has placed its value at $8.5 billion -- doubling previous estimates. more

Painting Quiet Places

Those who value the stillness and solitude in nature will find David Grossmann's landscapes a calming joy to consider. more

Met Leader Stepping Down

There will soon be change at the top for one of America's best and most visited art museums. more

The Proud Tradition of California Painting

At one exciting show, collectors will find three generations of California paintings and a historical piece by Joseph Kleitsch that has never before been displayed in public. more

Acquiring America's First Still Life Painter

The addition of an important early-19th-century still life forms a new draw to one Texas collection. more

Cassatt Meets Degas

A profound and intense relationship between American Mary Cassatt and Frenchman Edgar Degas encouraged the development of each artist's brand of Impressionism. more

Australian Landscape Painting Claims $50,000 Prize

The winner of a $50,000 grand prize impressed judges with artistic merit and an environmentally friendly message. more

Composing Success: Oils by David Tanner

David Tanner combines a painterly touch with a studied approach to composition, creating memorable portraits and landscapes. more

Master Drawings in Minneapolis

Drawings, watercolors, and pastels from Guercino to Winslow Homer to Ed Ruscha will turn eyes on a little-known but high-quality collection of works on paper. more

Sunsets on Martha's Vineyard

From sailboats on the water to skyscrapers in the city and sunsets at the coast, these established painters honor the scenic elements of the Northeast. more

Premium Quality, Intimate Scale

Some of the country's finest Western artists exhibit small-scale and affordable paintings in one place. more

Classically Contemporary: New York Artists in Italy

An art exhibition and cultural experiment exports paintings, sculptures, and drawings from distinguished alumni of the New York Academy of Art. more

Nearly 900 Works Missing From the Prado

One of the world's most distinguished art collections may have an issue with misplacing artworks. more

"Glimpses" of a Powerful Painter

Joshua Meyer's paintings become gripping sites for the unfolding of internal conflicts and aesthetic exploration. more

Florence Academy to Open New Branch

Daniel Graves and the Florence Academy of Art have announced a significant new venture that will see the respected atelier open its first location in the U.S. more

A Primary Source for California Plein Air Painting

At a forthcoming sale, collectors will find the distinctive landscape paintings of California Impressionists Guy Rose, William Wendt, and their accomplished peers. more

A Bold New Face for the Clark Art Institute

A 15-year project to reimagine the campus of the Clark Art Institute has produced a stunning new site that is visitor- and eco-friendly. more

Painting for the Environment

Connecticut artist Jan Dilenschneider displays oil paintings internationally in an effort to grow appreciation for, and inspire action on behalf of, our planet. more

Where to See Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring"

Major news regarding Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring" will affect the visibility of this celebrity-status painting in the future. more

Canada's Past, Seen Through Its Paintings

Painting may serve as an expression of national, as well as personal, sentiment. One historical survey demonstrates again how intimately painting is related to a nation's history, landscape, and people. more

France Leads the Way with Photographic Policy

A new policy affecting the use of photography in French art museums indicates a progressive openness that may become standard in the near future. more

Exceptional Equine Art

For centuries the horse has occupied an important place in the culture of the American West -- as majestic creatures, effective means of transportation, and now, as the subject of moving paintings and sculptures. more

Contemporary Painters Draw Inspiration from Sorolla

A painter celebrated in his time, Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida continues to gain admirers and inspire figurative art-making nearly 100 years after his death. more

"Wives, Daughters, and Lovers" Through Modern and Contemporary Eyes

Figurative artists from Henri Matisse to Steven Assael have thoughtfully explored the many significant roles of the female figure. more

Art Auction & Online Retail Giants Joining Forces

The art auction powerhouse Sotheby's and online sales platform eBay have announced a partnership with significant implications for online art collectors. more

Selling Paintings and Fighting Cancer

Find out how one gallery and its artists are bringing beauty into the world through art and their support of cancer-fighting programs. more

Old Masters Perform Well in London

With the closing of London Art Week, a group of high-profile paintings did not disappoint, and several exceptional drawings gained worldwide attention. more

Meditations on the Northwest Landscape

The pervasive greenery of the Northwest and the expansive blue of the Pacific to its coastline come alive in oil paintings and watercolors. more

Winners Out West

The American Plains Artists honored two artist members for outstanding contributions to their latest selling exhibition. more

Bewitching Watercolors by Kevin Weckbach

The fluid and expressive medium of watercolor finds worthy expression in the hands of Kevin Weckbach, who will soon unveil a display of his recent work. more

Celebrating 20 Years of Figurative Sculpture

A special exhibition featuring the art of Paige Bradley encourages aspiration and self-expression through stunning figurative works. more

Kelly Carmody: Classic Elegance, Contemporary Painter

Producing grand portraiture in an immaculate realist style and powerfully symbolic still lifes, Kelly Carmody sustains the techniques of the Old Masters. more

Save the Date: Coeur d'Alene Art Auction

Russell, Remington, and Terpning are just a few of the important Western artists represented in the rapidly approaching Coeur d'Alene Art Auction, simply one of the best in the genre. more

Jamie Wyeth: Artist in His Own Right

The first comprehensive museum exhibition for Jamie Wyeth should lead to a better understanding of his unique contribution to American art. Preview the show ahead of its opening next week. more

Art Hits the Hamptons

This weekend a much-anticipated contemporary art fair brings paintings, sculptures, and more to New York's favorite summer vacation destination. more

William R. Davis's "Personal Reflections"

The sailboats and bays of Cape Cod enliven the art of William R. Davis, who is being honored with a museum retrospective. more

Stolen $3 Million Matisse Returns Home

Taken from a Venezuelan museum and replaced with a forgery some 15 years ago, an odalisque by Henri Matisse made its triumphant return this week. more

"Capturing Beauty" with Still Life

A display of new work by Sarah Lamb and Roseta Santiago shows the power of still life to manifest the talent of the painter and the beauty of her subject. more

Fresh Look for Florence Academy

Approaching its 25th year under the direction of esteemed realist painter Daniel Graves, the Florence Academy of Art is offering a new way to enjoy the art of students and alumni. more

Finalists for $10,000 Painting Prize

The Grand Central Atelier has announced the 10 competitors who will battle for the $10,000 Grand Prize in its prestigious Still Life Competition. more

Figures by the Scribners

Two classically trained artists present provocative figurative works in a forthcoming show. Sara and Shane Scribner also happened to be married, making their household a very talented one. more

What Might van Gogh's Next Painting Have Looked Like?

A Dutch artist has used digital analysis to answer just this question, producing a painting that simulates Vincent van Gogh's next work. Statistically speaking, that is. more

An Art "of Beauties and Beasts"

Combining realistic techniques and fantastical subject matter produces an art that is truly memorable. more

Discounting a Vermeer

With questions about its authenticity looming, the performance of the newest Vermeer at auction would reveal the consensus opinion of its value. more

Ron Richmond: Surface, Symbol, Spirit

Moving symbolism and implied narratives fill the still life paintings of Ron Richmond with an aura of profound significance. more

Haunting Visions of Things Done and Undone

Is there contemporary resonance for the German Expressionist movement? One New York artist is at least showing that representational work need not be beautiful to demand attention. more

London's Week for the Old Masters

While Americans are celebrating Independence Day, British art lovers will be treated to some fireworks of their own in the form of Old Master paintings, drawings, and sculpture. more

Seattle's Newest Gallery

Having found success with its flagship location in Bellevue, Hall Spassov Gallery initiates a new space in downtown Seattle this week. Preview its grand opening display, which features the gallery's edgy aesthetic. more

El Greco's Long Legacy

The undulating forms, brilliant color, and spiritual energy of El Greco's paintings have left an indelible impact on painting and other art forms in the 400 years since his death. more

Portrait Artists on the "Loved and Observed"

Classically trained and highly skilled, these women artists are far from traditional, using portraiture to reveal, celebrate, and captivate. more

The Keys to Understanding Today's Art Market

The 21st-century art market is anything but straightforward. A new book may provide some answers and assurance for the wary collector. more

Change of Direction for London Museums

Change lies ahead for two of London's finest and most recognized museums. more

Uncovering Renaissance Portraits

At one American museum, an informative display on conservation and technical analysis has produced potentially significant discoveries. more

Exhibiting Art Instructors

In Seattle, a display of paintings and prints by active arts educators celebrates those who invest in the art of future generations as well as their own work. more

Vandalized Monet Painting Receives Radical Restoration

Almost exactly two years after a visitor to its galleries punched a hole through a prized Monet, the National Gallery of Ireland unveiled the restored painting. more

Rarely Seen Renoir

American audiences have a rare opportunity to view a fine portrait from Impressionist figure Pierre-Auguste Renoir. more

Gratitude and Serenity in the Paintings of Deb Kaylor

Deb Kaylor's recent oil paintings create an enviable world filled with the charming personalities of farm animals and the peaceful aura of rural America. more

Gregg Chadwick's "Revenant"

Specters from a distant past -- or perhaps another level of existence -- people the nostalgic and visionary works of Gregg Chadwick. more

Highlights From Masterpiece London

This weekend marks the opening of Masterpiece London 2014, a weeklong display of fine art and antiquities. more

Sale of Pre-Raphaelite Masterpiece Brings Major Consequences

The not-for-profit art world is responding with vigor to the Delaware Art Museum's cynical sale of artworks to meet its bottom line. more

Museum Display for Daniel Sprick

With the unveiling of a new solo show at the Denver Art Museum, Daniel Sprick achieves a distinction very few living painters can claim. more

Art Everywhere U.S. Unveils Nation's Favorite Artworks

Over a four-week period in August, billboards across the country will celebrate the most popular works in American art history. Find out which works were chosen for this special display. more

These Lilies Cost $54 Million

A busy auction season in London already has one intriguing storyline: A Claude Monet painting of water lilies topped the $50 million mark. more

Provenance: Tracing the Roots of Fine Art

When it comes to art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when it comes to the value of art, a well-documented provenance can be the difference between priceless and worthless. more

New Perspectives on the Nude

In the hands of these figurative artists, the human form, with its essential beauty and vulnerability, continues to be one of the most compelling artistic subjects. more

Eric Fischl Exploring Art Forms

Painter, sculptor, draftsman, and American "bad boy" Eric Fischl exhibits seductive two- and three-dimensional works in Los Angeles. more

Look Inside Regal Home for Dutch Golden Age Painting

Best known to American audiences as home to Vermeer's "Girl With a Pearl Earring" and Carel Fabritius's "The Goldfinch," the Mauritshuis museum reopens this week to great anticipation. more

An Art Show for Animal Lovers

Cats and dogs have a special place in the hearts of many, but now they are also claiming a place in the museum. A display of paintings, sculptures, and works on paper looks at the pervasiveness of pets in fine art. more

Fresh Faces in "Effigy and Exile"

A new guard of painters and sculptors is recovering the fascination in representation, creating visionary narrative and portrait works. more

Portrait of Homeless Man Wins International Competition

The prestigious BP Portrait Award has announced this year's award winners, and a sensitive portrayal of a homeless person claimed the top prize. more

Dominic Avant: Painting Life By the Water

Florida's desirable climate comes to life in the paintings of Dominic Avant, an artist who is attuned to the area's warm light and welcoming beaches. more

Katherine Stone: A Poetical Passion

A talented artist who is unswervingly committed to the realist genre, Katherine Stone speaks to the inspiration behind her poetic compositions and her enthusiasm for realist painting. more

Bonhams' Trio of Sales

Londoners and New Yorkers will be treated to a series of painting auctions from Bonhams in the coming week, with a rediscovered Gauguin still life taking prominence as the most intriguing lot. more

Global Visions From Marc Dalessio

The rest of us may not be so fortunate to see as much of the world as painter Marc Dalessio, but thankfully, the artist is keen to share his vast experiences through pristine oils. more

Winners of the West

A handful of respected artists garnered more accolades at Prix de West 2014, where Jeremy Lipking continued his recent success, capturing the Prix de West medallion. more

Newly Attributed Rembrandt Receives Triumphant Display

The U.K. National Trust proudly presents its newly recognized Rembrandt self-portrait in a special exhibition. more

Studio Incamminati Presents Annual Sale

A selling exhibition to benefit Philadelphia's classical artist atelier showcases paintings by Nelson Shanks, Kerry Dunn, Joseph Dolderer, and Lea Colie Wight. more

Fine Figures by Michael Carson

Unlike the leisurely figures that people his paintings, fans of Michael Carson will have to move hastily to catch a display of seductive new paintings. more

Hidden Picasso Portrait Unveiled

A previously unknown portrait by Picasso has been discovered beneath the surface of a major painting from his famous Blue Period. more

Mystical Modernism in the Northwest

During the mid-20th century, four now-legendary painters pioneered a form of Modernism driven by social and spiritual connection. A new display honors their unique contribution to art history. more

Thomas Cole and Highlights of American Landscape Art

A masterpiece of 19th-century landscape painting, Thomas Cole's "The Voyage of Life" receives a special installation alongside works by Asher B. Durand and George Inness. more

New York Academy of Art Unveils Summer Show

Boasting compelling artworks in a range of media, organized by a cast of esteemed curators, the annual juried Summer Exhibition from the New York Academy of Art arrives this weekend. more

Valerio D'Ospina: Living Cities and Dying Industries

Born in Italy and trained at Florence's Accademia di Belle Arti, Valerio D'Ospina paints the city with refined skill and a contemporary edge. more

Van Gogh and Neo-Impressionist Portraiture

The dotted brushstrokes and striking color contrasts of Neo-Impressionist painting produced some of the world's most recognizable imagery, despite the movement's short duration. Take a closer look at the portraiture produced by Vincent van Gogh and his contemporaries. more

Awards for Exceptional Oil Painters

The Oil Painters of America have unveiled their National Juried Exhibition in Vermont, and now the show's award winners receive recognition for their outstanding contributions. more

Video From Conference on Connoisseurship

What role does connoisseurship play in the art world today? What are its merits and pitfalls? Should the eye test be given authority over scientific findings in questions of authenticity? These questions and more provoked intriguing debate during a recent conference at London's Paul Mellon Centre, now viewable online. more

Gage Hangs Annual Highlight Exhibition

An annual awards exhibition and sale at Seattle's Gage Academy of Art honors the best of the atelier's production and provides an abundance of collecting chances. more

Whale of a Restoration

A rather straightforward cleaning of a Dutch landscape painting turned remarkable when the artwork conservator uncovered a previously unknown -- and quite large -- figure. more

Important Romantic Landscape Arrives in Dallas

A highlight of Scandinavian painting, depicting Copenhagen's historic Frederiksborg Castle, will take up its new residence at the Dallas Museum of Art. more

Portrait Artists Display "Emanations"

Through the medium of portraiture, a group of innovative artists at Dacia Gallery visualize art's life-giving energy. more

Automakers Drive "Grand Bargain" Forward

With a city built by the automobile industry in danger of losing a major cultural institution, American car companies have made significant contributions to the cause. more

Charting the History of Color With Art

If visitors to the U.K. National Gallery thought they had seen every possible permutation of its historic collection, they are sure to be surprised by an innovative new show that organizes artworks by their pigmentation. more

Local Landscapes on View in Montana

Two artists based in the scenic Northern state of Montana exhibit recent paintings honoring its impressive natural beauty. more

Art at the World Cup: Sanctioned and Street

Whether by official art prints or murals on the streets of Rio, art makes its presence known at the World Cup in Brazil. more
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OPA Masters Only

Auction Results: Coeur d'Alene Art Auction

Art World Commemorates WWI

Marveling at Maine With Roger Dale Brown

Exceptional Art on an Ordinary Budget

"The Goldfinch" Goes Hollywood

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August 1: Jim Eppler & B.C. Nowlin Western Art

Jim Eppler’s lifelike animal sculptures in bronze and B.C. Nowlin’s spiritual paintings make up an intriguing summer exhibition.