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Honoring Our Veterans

Although Veterans Day has passed, there are always ways in which our appreciation for veterans’ sacrifice can be shown. The Norman Rockwell Museum has recently mounted a tear-jerking exhibition in honor of those who serve. more

Boasting Bosch

Quirky, odd, unusual, and sinful are words that have all been used to describe the captivating paintings by Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516). His works are often crowded with fantastical beasts and imaginary spaces, and part of the artist’s allure lies in the relative mystery surrounding his artistic aesthetic and small oeuvre. Only 25 paintings by Bosch survive today, making the chance to view even one an exciting proposition. How about 20? more

Printing Poetry and Carving Life

Out of a dark world in which death seems commonplace, a spark of light flashes through the intensely powerful and personal artworks by Alice Leora Briggs. Fine Art Today recently caught up with the artist, who graciously revealed parts of her artistic visions and personal journeys. more


For 18 years, the art world has sorely missed a beautiful portrait by the modern artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) that was stolen from the Galleria d’Arte Moderna Piacenza. The chances for the work’s return seemed bleak, until a few weeks ago. more

Seeing Nature

The Portland Museum of Art recently mounted a major exhibition featuring 39 carefully selected masterpieces drawn from Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen’s family collection. more

Faith After the Pharaohs

Part of the lasting legacy of the Hellenistic period (circa 323–31 BCE) was the birth of the cosmopolitan. or “world citizen.” Alexander the Great’s unification of the Mediterranean world initiated a culturally diverse period of intermittent tension and peaceful coexistence among Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, and more. more

An Enemy of Progress

As the world progresses relentlessly into the future, constantly striving for the bigger and better, Conor Walton uses paint to remind us all of the fragility of our world. more

Pure Presence

The National Portrait Gallery in London is overjoyed to be presenting a major exhibition surrounding the life and career of Alberto Giacometti, an artist recognized for his fascination with the artistic complexities of evoking a human presence. more

Featured Lot: Rene Lalique, "Vitesse Mascot"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week René Lalique, “Vitesse Mascot.” more

The Original "Selfie"

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is taking a fresh, traditional look at the “selfie,” exhibiting approximately 90 drawings, prints, and photographs spanning a period from the 17th century to the 20th century. more

Who Bought Modigliani's "Nu Couche"?

Meet Liu Yiqian, a former taxi driver turned billionaire who bought Amedeo Modigliani’s “Nu Couché” for $170.4 million. more

Rodin Reopened

After over $17 million in renovation and restoration, the lovely Rodin Museum in Paris reopened its doors on November 12, the master sculptor’s 175th birthday. more

Poems in Paint and More

The connections among American poetry and painting, sculpture, and decorative arts form the center of an outstanding exhibition at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. more

AWA Celebrates 25 Years

Dedicated to the inspiration, encouragement, and recognition of women in fine arts, American Women Artists is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a “Members Show & National Juried Exhibition” in Scottsdale, Arizona. more

Look at You, Looking at Me

There is always something engaging, mysterious, and captivating when gazing into the eyes of an artist through a self-portrait. Self-images are intimate and often leave the viewer with a sense that we are somehow closer to their makers. One of history’s greatest self-portraits has evoked similar feelings for centuries and is on view now during a first ever retrospective. more

Fine Art Cruise

Forty-five art lovers are unpacking their suitcases across North America this week, having recently returned from Fine Art Connoisseur’s sixth annual Fine Art Cruise. more

Six Honored at Art Ball, Including Our Own Publisher Eric Rhoads

More than 300 people donned black tie, white tie, or historical costumes to attend the Florence Academy of Art Beaux Arts Ball, held at the lush venue Cipriani 25 Broadway in New York City on Friday. The event celebrated six figures in the representational art scene — three noted artists and three key patrons, one of whom was B. Eric Rhoads, the publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur. more

Featured Lot: Frank Tenney Johnson, "In Old Wyoming aka One the Alert"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Frank Tenney Johnson, “In Old Wyoming aka On the Alert.” more

A Bridge to Modernity

Twelve seminal works from the master of Impressionism have just landed at the National Gallery of Canada. more

Following Hercules

A current exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge seeks to explore the ways in which classical and contemporary images of the Greek hero Hercules have defined western art. more

Christie's Earns Half-Billion in Recent New York Sale

The art world is buzzing about Christie’s recent “Artist’s Muse” auction, which offered 34 masterpieces and realized nearly $500 million in sales. more

Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art

While historians and scholars alike maintain that modernism began in France in 1863, a current exhibition in Minneapolis seeks to highlight the movement’s roots within French Romanticism, specifically the works and career of Eugéne Delacroix. more


For thousands of years, blue pigments have traditionally been reserved for objects of extreme wealth and veneration. Produced largely from cobalt, lapis lazuli, or indigo, blue pigment was expensive and hard to find. A creative exhibition in Australia is spotlighting the fascinating metamorphosis of pattern, form, and motif stemming from the global trade of Asian ceramics, textiles, prints, and paintings — which extensively used a blue and white palette. more

Watercolor's Weight

The Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia is currently celebrating one of city’s most revered realist painters and watercolor innovators, Eileen Goodman, in a solo exhibition. more

Picturing the Americas

Featuring over 100 oil paintings, watercolors, prints, and photographs, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art recently mounted an exhibition chronicling how pictorial representations of the American landscape helped forge visions of the whole hemisphere. more

Timeless Grace, Moved Emotions

Powerful feelings of nostalgia, hope, and serenity are often evoked by Michael Malm’s paintings. Giving visual voice to his faith and the profound joy he experiences through nature’s beauty, Malm’s best works regularly manifest before he even grabs the brush. more

Collaging the Heart, Designing the Soul

Quietly working in her studio along the shores of the Mississippi River, artist Judith Bergerson continues to achieve profound joy by exploring the ways abstraction and representation can move the soul. more

Women Artists of the West

Founded in 1971, Women Artists of the West is a remarkable organization dedicated to uniting women artists, elevating awareness of their art, and promoting technical excellence. With over 270 juried members, the organization’s annual national exhibition just opened in Tucson, Arizona. more

A Colorful Touch

Devoid of color, the rich impasto surfaces of John Stockwell’s paintings could easily stand alone as magnetic and engaging. The addition of hue only takes them to a new level of magnificence. more

Investing in the Future

Since 1983, the Scottsdale Artists’ School (SAS) has been an important venue for supporting aspiring artists of all ages and skill levels. The school offers classes and workshops that focus on the fundamentals of fine art production, and many in the local art community hope the non-profit continues to flourish for years to come. On November 14, SAS will host its annual Beaux Arts fundraiser. more

Painting Set Free

Famously known for continuing to work on his canvases even as they hung on gallery walls, British giant Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) produced some of the most radical and expressive paintings of the Romantic period. More than 50 of the artist’s works in paint and paper are being featured in a hypnotic exhibition in Ontario. more

A Chip Off the Old Block

The Denver Art Museum is poised to open its doors to a groundbreaking exhibition featuring father-son tandem Andrew and Jamie Wyeth. more

The Greats

Botticelli, Cézanne, Gauguin, Leonardo, Monet, Titian, Turner, Velázquez, and Vermeer? Yes, one of the most significant collections of European Old Master paintings ever assembled is now on view at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Australia. more

Poems in the Land

The Guild of Boston Artists recently announced its upcoming exhibition and event schedule through December, including a tantalizing exhibition of new landscapes by acclaimed painter Dennis Sheehan. more


Matthew Bober is one of those painters who take trompe l’oeil to a new level in his magnetic, contemporary still life images. Bober’s recent works head to Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina, for a solo exhibition this month. more

Ford's Grand Tour

On view now at the splendid Basildon Park in West Berkshire, United Kingdom, is an impressive exhibition featuring Old Masters, 20th-century engravings, and paintings of the Grand Tour. more

From Paris to Savannah

The response to and influence of 19th-century French Impressionism in America is a tantalizing story, the details of which are told with stunning beauty in a current exhibition in Georgia. more

Featured Lot: Sir Alfred James Munnings, "Mon Talisman, Chantilly"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Sir Alfred James Munnings, “Mon Talisman, Chantilly.” more

When in Rome

After $2.2 million worth of restoration, the famed Trevi fountain was reopened to the public just days ago. more

German Craftsman, American Artist

Made with one of the oldest printmaking techniques, woodblock prints are characterized by their boldness of line and dramatic contrasts between light and dark. Adding color to the equation only deepens the medium’s potential, which was taken to incredible heights by the renowned 20th-century master Gustave Baumann. more

Seasons of Light

Stepping into the timeless worlds created through the paintings of Daniel F. Gerhartz is an experience unlike any other. His feathery, expressive touch, captivating colors, and enduring themes continue to enthrall during a solo exhibition in Texas. more

Code Red

Museums all across the United Kingdom are on heightened alert after warnings of a “severe and imminent” threat of attack. more

Promiscuous Play

An engaging gaze, a wink of the eye, and an enticing touch were all subtle indications that a woman in 19th-century Paris might be looking for more than just a drink. Viewed through the artist’s eyes, subjects exploring prostitution and streetwalking take center stage at the Musee d’Orsay. more

From an Italian's Perspective: Celebrating Britain

Giovanni Antonio Canal (1697–1768), better known as Canaletto, is considered by many to have been one of Italy’s greatest view painters. The Venetian Canaletto’s images of the city’s canals, streets, and monuments are in the permanent collections of some of the world’s most acclaimed museums. The artist would have a brief tenure in Britain, between 1746 and 1755, the products of which are the subjects of an exhibition in Cumbria, United Kingdom. more

Featured Lot: Norman Rockwell, "Easter (Soldier Watering Tulip)"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Norman Rockwell, “Easter (Soldier Watering Tulip).” more

A Salute to Cowboy Artists

Scottsdale's Museum of the West is overjoyed to be presenting next week a 50th-anniversary retrospective exhibition showcasing the extraordinary talents of the Cowboy Artists of America. more

Breath of Freedom

Expressive, gestural, dramatic, and beautiful are but a few words to describe the internationally renowned sculptures by Matteo Pugliese, who is poised to open a highly anticipated solo exhibition in a few days at Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in New York City. more

A Western Connection

Intent and methodical, Frank Hagel approaches the canvas — or panel — with purpose, imparting in paint his love for Montana and all things Western. more

The California Classicist

In dialogue with universal, humanistic ideas and themes, the Classical canon comes alive in the magnetic works of David Ligare at the Laguna Art Museum in California. more

A Lifetime of Collecting Adventures

Admirers of Victorian art should race to Ottawa to enjoy the exhibition “Beauty’s Awakening: Drawings by the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Contemporaries from the Lanigan Collection.” Organized by the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) and on view October 9–January 3, this show traces the diversity and flair of British draftsmanship during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901). Its title has been borrowed from an 1899 play in which a knight seeks to find and awaken “the Spirit of all things beautiful,” just as these artists did. more

Facing a Facade

Photographs? Paintings? Sculptures? Other? The photorealistic works by artist Randy Hage are sure to leave you guessing during his solo show at Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, California. more

Spear-O Inspiration

Deep within northeast Wyoming lies the sprawling mountain campus of Sheridan College at Spear-O-Wigwam. Surrounded by the breathtaking Bighorn Mountains, the campus and the adjacent wilderness recently became the site — and source — of inspiration for nine artists. more

Dancing with Degas

An outstanding exhibition in Toledo, Ohio, is celebrating both the city’s ballet heritage and the art and legacy of Edgar Degas. more

Tamara de Lempicka

A major retrospective of the renowned Polish Art Deco painter is on view in Verona. more

Featured Lot: John Frederick Kensett, "Fishing in a Catskills Stream"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: John Frederick Kensett, “Fishing in a Catskills Stream.” more


Dulwich Picture Gallery in London is offering a rare glimpse into the life and career of one of the 20th century’s most acclaimed graphic artists and masters of illusion. more

Fighting Forgery

Fakes and fraud in the art market might be a thing of the past, as recent technological advancements could give each work a unique tag. more

Amazing Albas

For five centuries the Alba family of Spain has proven to be one of the most important lineages in Europe. The Albas exercised considerable influence in all facets of life, military, political, and social, including cultural patronage and art collecting. More than 130 objects by the biggest names in art history from the Alba family collection are illuminating one Dallas museum. more

Major Acquisition at NGA

The National Gallery of Art, Washington, recently announced its acquisition of an exquisite 17th-century Dutch genre painting. more

Jewel City

2015 marks the centennial of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) in San Francisco, California. The De Young Museum is celebrating the anniversary with an outstanding exhibition that features more than 200 works, many of which were on display in 1915. more

The Light of Inspiration

Playing with mysterious light both physically in her studio and in paint has had remarkable results for painter Suzanne Hughes Sullivan. Her passion for still life offers viewers near-endless varieties of harmonic compositions that are timeless and sure to delight. more

Dual Citizenship

It’s not uncommon to read stories about two nations squabbling over the acquisition or return of an artwork or cultural artifact. However, France and the Netherlands finalized an agreement in late September that demonstrates how, in a case involving two marvelous portraits by Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn, sharing is possible. more

States of Undress

Nude figures have been the subjects of artists’ attention throughout the history of representational art. Even so, artists continually find new and innovative ways to depict the nude that reveal their individuality in addition to each artist’s respective social and cultural contexts. One museum is shining a light on the nude in 19th-century France. more

Pricey Portrait Lands at VMFA

Known to many as the “father of American painting,” Benjamin West worked extensively for English royalty during his illustrious career. Recently one of six group portraits commissioned from West by King George III — not to mention the only one outside the Royal Collection — found a new permanent home. more

Medusa Unearthed

Images of the mythical temptress who could turn you to stone have existed for thousands of years. One ancient example was just discovered only days ago. more


The Laguna College of Art and Design is currently showing selected works from the Russian Academy of Arts alongside works by its talented roster of students. Even better, Fine Art Connoisseur’s very own Vanessa Rothe was one of the exhibition’s curators. more

Sea Breeze

Scenes from the coast of Cape Cod feature in a beautiful group exhibition in Massachusetts. more

Antiquity Available

Whether Greek, Egyptian, Asian, or Roman, Artemis Gallery has it all during an upcoming auction of ethnographic art & antiquities. more

NOAPS Winners

The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society just opened their 25th “Best of America” exhibition after an outstanding VIP Awards Banquet. Who took home top honors? more

Travel the West in Tex

One of the nation’s premier art shows and sale is only one week away. There’s sure to be BBQ, brews, cocktails, music, and the finest Western art by more than 175 of America’s top artists, of course. Yee-haw! more

Vivid Dreams

Characterized by his deeply honest means of expression and fascination with Orientalism, Surrealism, and social commentary, Moscow painter Stanislav Plutenko brings his vivid dreams to life. more

A Dialogue with Tradition

Still life, tradition, art history, and masterful skill are beautifully orchestrated in the acrylic paintings of Guy Diehl. more

Local Legends

Three renowned painters take center stage in Carmel, California, with stunning landscapes, still lifes, and more. more

Masterworks from the Middle

Lasting for nearly 400 years, the Middle Kingdom (ca. 2030-1650 BCE) was an economic, social, and cultural flowering that produced some of the most outstanding artworks ever discovered from Ancient Egypt. Now, over 230 compelling masterpieces from this era have been brought together in one exhibition. more

Carlo Crivelli

Although Giorgio Vasari left this early Renaissance painter out of his Lives, Carlo Crivelli’s work and career are seeing a revival during an exhibition in Boston. more

Featured Lot: James Carroll Beckwith, "The Awakening"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: James Carroll Beckwith, “The Awakening.” more

Southern Light

From Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, and Apulia to Basilicata, Calabria, and Sicily; 19th-century Italian masters from throughout Southern Italy highlight a beautiful and carefully selected exhibition in New York. more

Like a Good Poem

Much more than simply layers of oil and pigment, the luminous paintings by artist Andrea Kemp are sure to evoke a lasting impression during her latest solo exhibition. more

Showing Society

Beautifully preserved and carefully selected, a number of 17th-century Dutch masterpieces by artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Gabriel Metsu are on view beginning October 11. more

Lots of Southern Charm

Right around the corner is an amazing opportunity to acquire beautiful artworks that capture the sights and culture of the American South. more

Featured Lot: Eugene Delacroix, "Reclining Nude"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Eugène Delacroix, “Reclining Nude.”  more

Career Builder

Actor, comedian, musician, author, and now, curator — Steve Martin’s resume continues to grow. more

Windows to the Divine

The Collectors for Connoisseurship National Symposium is just around the corner. An amazing lineup of tours and other presentations await. more

Arcane Chamber

The portraits by Jerome Lagarrigue offer viewers an eclectic, abstracted view of what lies beneath. more

California & American Fine Art Auction

Nearly 250 superb works of American art will be available during an October 20 auction in Monrovia, California. Will one be yours? more

'esherick to NAKASHIMA'

America has an incredibly rich fine craft tradition dating to the late 19th century. The introduction of Modernism has only encouraged craftsmen and -women to push the boundaries of their mediums in new and conceptual ways. Two master woodworkers are being highlighted during an exceptional exhibition. more

Secret Places

Take a journey with Fine Art Today into the “secret places” painted by artist Chris Strunk. more

Pope Gets Warm Welcome, and a Portrait

Capping off his tour of the United States, Pope Francis was presented with a gorgeous papal portrait just last week in Washington, D.C. more

State Museum Shuts Its Doors

One of the nation’s premier state museums has been forced to close its doors to the public due to a government budget impasse. more

Drawing the Portrait

Over the past 60 years, one artist has been building an esteemed career founded on his ability to capture life and character through portraiture. Now his portrait studies are getting a well-deserved spotlight during an upcoming solo exhibition. more

Canyon Road Continues

A half-mile walk earns one access to over 100 galleries, artist studios, jewelers, boutiques, restaurants, and much more in Santa Fe. more

Peak Colors

The best scenes and colors the fall season can offer are on vibrant display in a current group exhibition of breathtaking oils. more

American Epics

For the first time in nearly 25 years, a major exhibition shines the light on one of America’s greatest Regionalist painters and his art’s relationship with cinema and visual storytelling. more

Featured Lot: Lilla Cabot Perry, "The Scent of Roses"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Lilla Cabot Perry, “The Scent of Roses.” more

Water and Ice

Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York, is overjoyed to present an artist’s first solo exhibition. more

2015 Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale in the Books

For an entire month, Cody, Wyoming, was filled with auctions, demonstrations, classes, exhibitions, a Boot Scoot’n Boogie, and more. more

Palo Alto Presence

An artist recently took up the task of capturing the residents of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park in Palo Alto, California, with magnificent results. more

Bertrand Delacroix Presents Paper

Working in a variety of styles, five New York-based painters feature in an outstanding group exhibition centering on the versatile medium of paper. more

Meditations on Fall

Fall is in full swing around the country as leading galleries open their fall exhibitions. Oh Be Joyful Gallery in Colorado is no exception, but time is running out! more

Enigmatic Moods and Private Worlds

Timeless, atmospheric, and deeply mysterious, the paintings of Johan Abeling are sure to evoke contemplation among his viewership. more

Fantastic Weekend in Oklahoma

A number of events fit for families, connoisseurs, and collectors are taking place this weekend in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. more

Gone Goya

Two incredibly valuable, albeit small, Francisco de Goya works were stolen this month from a private home in Madrid. more

Heroines at the Hyde

Works by internationally acclaimed photorealist Audrey Flack of women neglected or demonized in history feature in a New York exhibition. more

Independent Visions

A must-see exhibition celebrates the work of one state’s historic women artists from 1880 to 1940. more

The Keir Collection

On view in Texas is a rarely seen but renowned collection of Islamic Art. more

Fading Light

On view through the end of the month is a beautiful exhibition of new landscapes by painter Steven Lee Adams. Where can you catch a view? more

Moments of Modernism

Artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, and Vincent van Gogh had a profound impact on the way art was produced during the 20th century, especially in Europe. However, modernism did make it to America in 1913, and the effects are still felt today. How did modernism impact artists in New Mexico? more

Jackson Hole Wraps Up

Another Fall Arts Festival for the ages is in the books for Jackson, Wyoming. more

Colorado's Best

Only days remain to view a tantalizing exhibition featuring selected works from the founding members of the Denver Artists Guild. more

High Quality, Low(er) Price

An annual event in Missouri is meeting with great anticipation — and purchasing — by everyone from first-time buyers to seasoned collectors. more

Above and Below

From the traditional to the conceptual, the earth and sky form the focus of a spectacular group exhibition in Kansas. more

Featured Lot: Marc Chagall, "Preparations for the Candidates' Feast"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Marc Chagall, “Preparations for the Candidates’ Feast.” more

Abstract Memories and the Boundaries of Realism

In his first solo exhibition in nearly two years, artist Kim Cogan makes his debut at Arcadia Contemporary. more


Deeply personal themes and the process of breaking down and building up feature in the drawings of Dan Volenec in a current solo exhibition. more

Titanic Donation

A multi-million-dollar gift of beautiful American paintings and Native American artifacts is the largest in this institution’s 26-year history. more

Featured Artists at SEWE

Entering into its 34th year, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition recently revealed its featured artists for the February 2016 event in Charleston, South Carolina. Who are they? more

Gleam of Light

Fine Art Today recently caught up with accomplished artist Mary Pettis for a chat about her inspirations, vision, and much more. more

More than an Idol

Stemming from her interests in Christian iconography, artist Alessandra Peters' modern visions of female idols comment on the double standards of moral femininity. more

Featured Lot: Stephen Scott Young, "Shadow Games"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Stephen Scott Young, “Shadow Games.” more

Bones with Flesh

The figure receives bold serenity, self-consciousness, sensuality and more during Kent Williams’s upcoming solo exhibition. more

It All Begins with Shapes

One of America’s accomplished realist painters reminds us all that successful paintings begin with the simplest of forms: shapes. more

Acute Observations

Known for his stunning portraits and skillful use of light, painter Casey Childs asserts the modern relevancy of tradition during a solo exhibition. more

High School with High Art

High Schools are typically judged by their graduation rates and standardized test scores.  However, one California High School boasts an impressive fine art collection, selections of which are on view now. more

Music Finds its Voice

The parallels between visual and audible art is a well-documented – and often explored – relationship.  From representations of musicians and muses to exquisite instruments, one exhibition is illuminating the art of music. more

"Nomads, Players, and Saints"

Husbands and wives often rely on each other for strength, emotional support, and healthy criticisms.  However, when both are artists, a new dimension of creative energy enters the relationship – and often with outstanding results.  One Canadian couple is continuing to ascend with a tantalizing exhibition. more

Awards at Buffalo Bill

Organizers of the renowned Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale have just announced their major award winners from August 2015.  Who were they? more

Victory Gets a New Look

One of the most iconic and famous sculptures in history is highlighted during an exhibition that explores its journey from the Greek island of Samothrace to its permanent location in the Louvre, Paris. more

Twisted Solidity

Michael Boroniec defies convention – and physics – with his altered ceramic vessels in a current solo exhibition. more

Close Encounters

A four-year collaboration between several major museums culminates in Atlanta with a gorgeous exhibition of American still life painting from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. more

Wildlife Winners

Two well deserving artists just took home honors at the 28th annual Western Visions Annual Show & Sale in Jackson, Wyoming. Who were they? more

Collecting History

Works from the private collection of one of the 20th century’s most celebrated individuals head to auction September 15. more


Cowboys, cattle, weary travelers, and Indians are some of the subjects encountered in a solo exhibition of Gary Lynn Roberts’s Western paintings. more

Featured Lot: Giulio Cesare Procaccini, "Sacrifice of Isaac"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Giulio Cesare Procaccini, “Sacrifice of Isaac.” more

Simply One of the Best

Collectors of exquisite Western American art can barely sit still as one of the country’s premier auctions is right around the corner. more

Masters of the Land

The Industrial Revolution in Britain had a profound effect on landscape painters who were firsthand witnesses as factories and railroads slowly overtook the land. The biggest names of the era, including Gainsborough, Turner, Constable, and Monet, are on view now during an outstanding exhibition. more

Moving Stillness

Using energetic, feathery brushstrokes, along with skillful layering of colors, Michael Klein continues to enchant audiences with his latest oils. more

A Modern View

Manmade beauties and natural vistas are seen through a modernist lens during a current group show in Denver. more

The New East

Asian culture has proven to be a strong influence on countless Western artists over the centuries. A large portion of that influence has been drawn from Chinese and Japanese cultures, but a recently hung exhibition seeks to shift the spotlight to Indian, Thai, and Sri Lankan subjects. more

Exploration of the Everyday

Painters often have an acute awareness of their surroundings, constantly taking in the sights, sounds, and emotions of unique places before translating those experiences into beautiful images. Artist Dean Larson has not only mastered this process, he has infused his paintings with an experimental nature that could defy categorization.  more

Annual Exhibition Takes Flight Once Again

Time and again birds have found themselves the subjects of artists’ work in all types of mediums and styles. Since 1976, one museum has annually exhibited a juried collection of nearly 100 works with our feathered friends as the focus. Who’s featured in this year’s show? more

Invisible Made Visible

Part of what makes portraiture so magnetic is the skillful artist’s ability to capture the essence of an individual’s character, their personality traits as conveyed via subtle variations in physiognomy. more

Royal Acquisition

A beautiful portrait finds its new permanent home. more

Fine Art Fair

One of the nation’s largest fine art fairs is taking place right now! more

Beauty Through Devastation

As we mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, many still are — and will forever be — scarred by the unimaginable destruction witnessed in the Southern United States. Time and again, however, Americans emerge stronger than ever, turning tragedy into triumph and ugliness into art. more

Loss of a Legend

One of the world’s most renowned artists has bade farewell. more

Featured Lot: Henri Lebasque, "Baigneuses (Bathers)"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Henri Lebasque, “Baigneuses (Bathers).” more


Pain, torment, creative struggle, and astounding beauty are only a few words that could describe an upcoming exhibition in Philadelphia. more


The Art Institute, Chicago’s Department of Ancient and Byzantine Art and the Department of Prints and Drawings have collaborated to explore the ways in which Renaissance images of the Greek god Dionysos were inspired by and responses to Classical antiquity.  more

Awakening the Land

Landscape comes alive during an upcoming solo exhibition of Douglas Fryer’s latest oils. more

Manet Madness

The death of an individual can sometimes lead to disagreements among those who feel entitled — by blood or law — to acquire their possessions. This was recently demonstrated in the case of the late heiress Huguette Clark. more

Amorous Arboretum

Some trees are large and magnificent while others are impactful and small, but regardless, they are stunningly beautiful in their color and variety. One artist has turned her lens toward our oxygen-creating friends in an outstanding solo show. more

Sailing in Light

While his maritime subjects are inspired by his childhood experiences exploring the islands about Lewis Bay, admirers and collectors have come to covet William Davis’s mastery of luminosity and light. more

Life of Beauty

Although he passed in late 2014, the art and legacy of William Thomson endures during a retrospective. more

Points in History

Discover how masters from Leonardo to Jasper Johns have employed metalpoint techniques in a superbly beautiful exhibition in London. more

Golden Exhibition

Sip the finest wines and taste the most exotic foods, as portrayed by some of the most renowned oil masters of the 17th century. more

Van Gogh in Focus

Few need a new reason to motivate them to view a Van Gogh painting in person. But just in case: This one is a masterpiece. more

Body Bliss

Photorealism and the figure are two of the most compelling elements that draw the connoisseur to traditional art. Both are featured in the magnetic work of Bernardo Torrens, who’s recently received his first solo exhibition in the United States. more

Born from Fire

Built largely around the treasured tea ceremony, pottery is a long-established tradition in Japan. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is showing a profound exhibition that explores the interface between historical tradition and modern innovation in ceramics produced by living masters. more

Featured Lot: Pierre-Jules Mene, "Jockey Riding Horse"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Pierre-Jules Mêne, “Jockey Riding Horse.” more

Nature and Experience

It took William Nichols some time to develop a visual vocabulary that accurately expressed what he saw and experienced emotionally in nature. However, once discovered, the creativity — and paint — flowed in ways that continue to enthrall viewers and collectors. more

Covered in Love

Michael Pearce probes our deepest emotional connections with one another through his magnificent figural paintings. more

In Awe of Adornment

Expose yourself to the wonders of Native American artistry with an exhibition that features exquisite jewelry. more

Season's Greetings

Fall might be just around the corner, but the season’s exhibitions are just heating up. See who is premiering a fall show in just a few days. more

Midday Theft

Danish police are still searching for two men who walked out of a Copenhagen museum in broad daylight with a bronze bust worth $300,000. more

Painted Faces and Tradition Reborn

Although Teresa Oaxaca is largely focused on perfecting her techniques and aesthetic, her body of work already demonstrates her immense talent, eclectic taste, and unreal potential. more

Guest of Honor

A previously unknown self-portrait by Rembrandt has been welcomed with open arms for a temporary exhibition. more

Landing Legends

Two major donations highlight an exciting August for the New-York Historical Society. more

"Traveling Exhibition" Gets New Meaning

Every summer, millions of Americans pack their bags, unplug, and hit the road to enjoy the country’s most coveted parks and landscapes. California is a frequent destination, with everything from towering mountains to sun-bathed beaches. more

From Unknown to Known

Unknown masters of Spanish colonial painting form the center of an upcoming exhibition in Arizona. more

Hoosier Heaven

Alan Larkin took home Best of Show honors at the 91st Annual Exhibition at the Hoosier Salon. Discover what other artists are featured in the show. more

Sea Heist

A billionaire banker’s attempt to illegally export Picasso’s “Head of a Young Woman” is averted by French authorities. more

Coming Together

Much more than just an art show, Maynard Dixon Country is an assembly of artists, collectors, community, and friends. more

Luminous Life

Exceptional at capturing the play of light as it falls on a variety of familiar objects, artist Wendy Higgins creates still life paintings that are absorbing in their quiet beauty. more

Casting Her Voice

Part of what makes figurative art so magnetic is the seemingly infinite number of ways the body can express ideas, experiences, and emotions. With painting, viewers are often forced into a single perspective or view because of the medium’s two-dimensional surface. Sculpture, however, presents multiple-angle views, which — in the right hands — can open the door to a broader spectrum of expressive communication. more

Saints and Sinners

As one of the Renaissance’s biggest and most well-known names, Albrecht Dürer created deeply religious pictures along with some disturbing creations. A current exhibition in Texas showcases a permanent collection of Dürer’s prints that features the full range of the master’s imagination. more

Masters at the Munch Museum

Working during the late 19th-century, Edvard Munch and Vincent van Gogh produced artworks that oozed with emotional content and innovative individual styles. For the first time, both are featured together in a blockbuster exhibition in Oslo, Norway. more


Nude bodies are spotlighted in a variety of artistic ways during the 7th Annual International Competitive Exhibit at Manifest Gallery. Find out who’s featured in this year’s show. more

Elegant Serenity

For the average person, it can sometimes be hard, even impossible, to find the aesthetic beauty of worn, casual, or everyday objects. Using his masterful skill to create realist paintings, Eric G. Thompson draws our attention to the flawed beauty of subjects that many would pass by. more

Creativity Unfurled

Under the tutelage of guest curator Mia Bergeron, Gallery 1261 is turning heads by showcasing 25 world-renowned artists who were asked to create “without boundaries.” more

Featured Lot: Antonio Jacobsen, "Full Clipper Ship"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Antonio Jacobsen, “Full Clipper Ship.” more

A Tradition Continued...

As the market for great Western American art continues to expand, so too do the opportunities to purchase it — coupled with cocktails, exhibitions, and more, of course. more

Power and Pathos

Although Greek sculptors worked extensively in marble, many preferred working in bronze because the medium allowed greater exploration of complex poses, anatomy, and movement in the body. Today, bronze originals are difficult to find, let alone to serve as the center of an exceptional exhibition. more

All in All

It’s always a pleasure when a gallery replete with talented artists offers a show featuring them all. more


Creating a successful painting often requires many layers of carefully applied paint. Michael Kessler takes that to its extreme. more

Penning Success

Placed in the right hands, anything that makes a mark on paper can be used to create beautiful works of art. One Boston artist is taking the ballpoint pen to new heights as she explores nature, its transformations, and evolving definitions in intricate detail. more

Portrait of a Lady

Making its Western debut is a fantastic Raphael original. See where you can catch a view. more

Faith in Nature

To understand Terry Rowlett’s paintings is to take a glimpse into his captivating life journey from evangelical roots in Arkansas to hipster-bohemian Athens, Georgia. more

Scottish Enlightenment

The first ever exhibition devoted to Scottish art in the Royal Collection is now on view in London. more


Artistic collaboration often results in aesthetic developments — and outstanding results. In the 19th century, two artists would embark on communal creative sessions, making remarkable technical and aesthetic breakthroughs in lithography and etching. more

Big Name in Big Sky

Known as the land of “Big Sky,” Montana is filled with dramatic and fabulously beautiful vistas of mountains, plains, and rivers. Many artists have drawn inspiration from these spaces, including Monte Dolack, who’s earned a solo exhibition. more

Lost, but Not Forgotten

Self-proclaimed genius Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione is a name largely forgotten in the annals of history. However, one museum is renewing interest in the master through a comprehensive exhibition of over 90 drawings, etchings, paintings, and monotypes from the Royal Collection. more

Ideas Made Flesh

For lovers of the Renaissance and printmaking, the National Gallery of Art is the place to be. more

Featured Lot: Gerald Harvey Jones, "Evening on the Boulevard"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Gerald Harvey Jones, “Evening on the Boulevard.” more

Pure Paper

Since its introduction during the 2nd century BCE in China, paper has provided astronomers, philosophers, mathematicians, and artists an affordable surface on which to record their ideas. An upcoming exhibition is bringing together a collection of works that embody the versatile nature of paper. more

Celebrating Women

Women artists featuring women subjects take center stage during an exhibition that will not fail to amaze. Will you have favorites? more

Natural Forms

Plein air painter Jamie Morgan takes viewers “Into the Wild” as his appreciation for the vitality of nature shines through at the Arte Verissima Gallery & Studio. more

The French Connection

Born on the Atlantic coast of France, painter Olivier Suire Verley has traveled across the world to capture the charm of different places and peoples. Verley is an exceptional colorist, and his latest paintings, in a current solo exhibition across the United States, are sure to deepen one’s mood. more

Shaping the Figure

Gideon Cohn abstracts and reimagines the figure through color, shapes, and patterning in an eclectic exhibition. more

Rodin Returned

After 24 long years, a stunning Rodin original was returned to its rightful owner. more

Fresh Faces

Created in a diverse range of wet and dry media, Jon Sours’s subjects have a freshness that sets them apart from their abstract surroundings. more

All in One

The oldest fine art gallery in Colorado is showcasing nearly 40 artists in its current “Summer Exhibition.” more

Visions of the West

Many of the nation’s top Western artists converge in Jackson, Wyoming, in an extraordinary group exhibition and sale. more

Reviving Rossiter

Although 19th-century painter Thomas Prichard Rossiter did not enjoy a great amount of professional success during his lifetime, the Boscobel House in Garrison, New York, is honoring the man with his first retrospective. more

Colorful Curves

Ben Fenske offers viewers a contemporary impressionist view of the female figure in a dazzling solo exhibition. more

Seeing Green

A July 25 auction realized more than $22.8 million in sales. Over 750 bidders witnessed multiple world records as well. more

Featured Lot: William Trost Richards "Western Shore of Ion"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: William Trost Richards, “Western Shore of Ion.” more

Time Stands Still

The Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway is well known for its beautiful vistas, gentle cascading falls, and lush green landscapes over a stretch of 255 miles between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Mary Pettis has called a small town on the Saint Croix River home for many years, and her latest paintings are on view soon. more

The Little and the Big

We all have the ability to appreciate artworks for a number of reasons, including the scale of the product and the skill required in its fabrication. More often, we are taken by the monumentality and imposing presence of large paintings or sculptures. Even so, we can be equally mesmerized by the miniature, and awed at the dexterity required of the artist’s hand. more

Nurturing Connections

The C.M. Russell Museum has acquired three stunning consignments for its upcoming 2016 auction. The commitment of such work is evidence of the power of cultivating relationships. more

River of Life

Rivers have always provided a range of vital necessities, as sources for fresh water, transportation, food, and recreation. One museum, and city, are looking to highlight the importance of their river through the perspective of local artists. more

Romantic Views

The San Diego Museum of Art explores the development of Latin American landscape art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries in a current exhibition. more

Passing of the Gifted

The passing of visionary artist Susan Hauptman marks the end of a storied career. more

Captivating Clay

Molding and manipulating clay to express an aesthetic sensibility or fabricate a functional object is one of the oldest human skills. It is a medium that continues to challenge and invigorate artists all across the globe. One museum is taking a look at how contemporary Japanese ceramic artists are transforming traditional techniques and forms. more

Featured Lot: Thomas Hill, "Yosemite Valley"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Thomas Hill’s “Yosemite Valley.” more

Diving In

For those who love the figure and realism, look no further than KM Fine Arts, Chicago. more

Mad Through the Darkness

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landing at Gallipoli in 1915, a powerful exhibition explores how Australian artists responded to World War I, both during the conflict and in its aftermath. more

Scenic Snapshot

Travel back to the 1915 World’s Fair in San Francisco through the eyes of an accomplished Bay Area photographer. more

Remembering America's Golden Age

The first major exhibition celebrating the art and legacy of one of America’s greatest illustrators is on view in South Dakota. Will it travel to your city next? more

Edge of Realism

Showcasing 21 artists, an upcoming exhibition will feature work that operates at the edges of realistic depiction. more

Finding Ourselves

Internationally acclaimed sculptor Paige Bradley unveiled a life-sized bronze that encourages viewers to find a piece of themselves within it. more

Southern Roots

Every location an artist choses to paint has a unique voice and character. Artist John Cleaveland, Jr., has nearly perfected the ability to transport his audiences into the deep American South in his paintings, revealing profound natural beauty and the ever-present effect of the human hand. more

Big Game Safari

Capturing the magnificent beauty of big game in Africa does not require bullets or cameras, only paint and canvas. more

Nostalgic New England

Storybook scenes of Maine’s beloved coast form the subjects of Kevin Beers’ paintings in a current exhibition. more

Let the Bidding Begin

A St. Louis, Missouri, auction house will soon hold its inaugural auction, offering collectors a variety of fine art, furniture, and jewelry. Is your next acquisition featured in the catalogue? more

Watercolor Takes Flight

Fine Art Today traveled to rural eastern North Carolina for a chat with accomplished watercolorist Pat Holscher, whose pictures of seagulls, pelicans, and more feel right at home next to the Pamlico River. more

Through the Malzahn Lens

With a nod to 19th-century landscape masters and the French Barbizon School, Jerry Malzahn offers his latest examples of poetry in paint during an upcoming solo exhibition. more

Echoes of the Past

Still life is a genre that is nearly as old as art production itself. So much more than just static images of inanimate objects, still life is often injected with deep levels of irony, symbolism, and meaning. These concepts can change due to time, place, and culture, making the genre tantalizing in its reflection of an ideology or individual. One Colorado gallery is bringing this to the fore in a thought-provoking exhibition. more

Of Light, Shadow, and Beyond

Phil Dike was more than a gifted watercolorist. He was an influential educator who inspired students and challenged them — and himself — to continually expand their understanding of nature, light, and shadow. more

Portraiture's Finest

See which 18th-century portraitist is being comprehensively celebrated at Scotland’s National Gallery. more

Bouquet of Impressionism

Motivation to start your next garden — or painting — project lies just beyond the doors of the Denver Art Museum. more

Featured Lot: John James Audubon, "Purple Grackle, Plate VII"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: John James Audubon’s “Purple Grackle, Plate VII.” more

Quiet Sophistication

Absorbed in plumbing the recesses of their minds, Milt Kobayashi’s figures seem aloof while floating in their unfamiliar spaces. more

Habsburg Brilliance

Spectacular treasures from one of Europe’s longest-reigning dynasties are on view at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. more

Antiquity Uncovered

Archaeologists in Arles, France, have exposed an intact Roman mural, the first of its kind ever discovered outside the Italian peninsula. more

Celebrating a Genius

The largest exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci ever organized in Italy continues to inspire in the waning days of its magnificent four-month run. more

Waves of Hokusai

A comprehensive exhibition seeks to survey the legacy and career of the first Japanese artist to be internationally recognized. more

Impressionism's Triumph

Without the Parisian dealer Paul Durand-Ruel, the profoundly beautiful and revolutionary art of the Impressionists might have been forgotten in the annals of history. Thankfully, books were written differently, and the story of Impressionism’s rise to fame is illuminated through a one-of-a-kind exhibition. more

Thomas Jefferson Kitts

Fine Art Today recently caught up with the painter for an in-depth inquiry into the man, the artist, and his paintings. His responses were attentive, complete, and sure to intrigue our readers. more

Raking It In

Sotheby’s evening sale of Old Master & British Paintings on July 9 brought in more than $60 million, a quarter of which was spent on a single piece, setting a new world record for that artist. Who were the other five artists breaking records? more

The Transformative West

Two Colorado painters were asked to document their unique perception of the ever-evolving Western landscape in a new exhibition at Ann Korologos Gallery. How did they perform? more

At long last?

For centuries, collectors and scholars believed there were no surviving bronze sculptures by the Renaissance genius Michelangelo. Has that narrative finally changed? more

Euphorie de Couleur

Inspiration from France, Italy, and New Mexico combine in the unique impressionistic vision of Joseph Breza during Santa Fe’s Summer of Color. more

Magnificent Stillness, but Moving Emotions

On rare occasions, the public is given opportunities to experience the diligent pursuits of a visionary art collector. The results are typically outstanding. more

Featured Lot: Gideon Jacques Denny, "Coastal Cliffs"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Gideon Jacques Denny’s “Coastal Cliffs.” more

From the Surreal to the Classical

The figure takes center stage as a range of artists — each with his or her own style and medium — participate in a tantalizing group exhibition. more

Freedom of Expression

Artist Jan Dilenschneider and France’s Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier team up for a show of her newest oils. more

Acts of Good Will and Justice

Anonymous New York collector returns ancient statue stolen from a temple in southern India. more

"Facing East: New Works" -- Susan Ploughe

Susan Ploughe’s new paintings — completed after a visit to China in 2014 — radiate life and color in a new exhibition. more

Static Subject, Climbing Prices

Mercury isn’t the only thing rising in Dallas this summer as Heritage Auctions sets a new world record for a picture by 19th-century German still life painter Emilie Preyer. more

"Man, Oh Mann..."

Jeremy Mann — one of America’s leading contemporary painters — continues his ascent with an electrifying display of recent work. more

A Spanish Feast

Patrons experiencing aesthetic euphoria may be the new norm at Madrid’s Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum as it unveils an exhibition of 47 oils by a Spanish Baroque master. more

Grab Your Boots, Cowboy Hats, and White Gloves

Connoisseurs will have a chance to expand their collections when more than 60 of the country’s most accomplished Western and wildlife artists participate in this year’s Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show. more

Redefining Conventional Views

A fresh exhibition seeks to recast one of history’s greatest portraitists by showcasing an experimental body of work that can only be defined as avant-garde for its time. more

Impressions of Nature: Robert Moore

Plein air purist may be a contemplative, quiet individual, but his paintings speak loudly and impressively — pun intended — at current exhibition. more

Drawing Attention

After a year of research and debate, scholars are confident that an impressive drawing is by renowned 18th-century landscape and portrait painter Thomas Gainsborough. more

Graceful Forms and Changing Skies

With angelic figures that gracefully emerge from atmospheric spaces to powerful cloudscapes that make the Grand Canyon look small, Zhaoming Wu endures as one of the preeminent painters of our time in a can’t-miss solo exhibition. more

Featured Lot: Pieter Claesz, "Still-Life with Smoking Paraphernalia"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Pieter Claesz’s “Still-Life with Smoking Paraphernalia.” more

Stepping Into the Mind of Da Vinci

Innovative exhibition offers patrons once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to probe one of the Renaissance master’s 31 surviving book of secrets. more

Staying In Touch with Tradition

Luke Hillestad draws heavily upon some of history’s greatest painters to create canvases that vibrate with life and give voice to the primal beauty of humankind. more

Juliette Aristides Is Making the Classical Contemporary

Writing, teaching, and, of course, painting, Juliette Aristides continues to push for a rapprochement of classical painting with contemporary life -- and she has the quality and the voice to do it. more

Featured Lot: Stanhope Forbes's "Gossips"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Stanhope Forbes's "Gossips." more

Sotheby's Rules Impressionist & Modern Category

Last week's Impressionist and Modern art sales in London saw Sotheby's more than double the result of competitor Christie's. more

Major Cole Discovery

The house where Thomas Cole once lived holds a remnant of the great American landscape artist that is only now being revealed. more

Potent Portraits

Two remarkable painters -- David Kassan and Daniel Sprick -- combine their talents in a can't-miss show for fans of the portrait. more

Monets Are Buy Two, Get a Third Free

After purchasing two Monet pastels at auction, a very fortunate art dealer made a welcome discovery. more

Consider the "Unfinished"

An innovative exhibition asks viewers to engage with unfinished artworks that might look quite out of place in an art gallery. more

Fresh Look for Russia's State Museum

Home to one of the finest paintings collections in the world, the Hermitage has a shiny new website to help share its treasures online. more

Celebrate the American Landscape on an American Holiday

Taos artist Dinah Worman encourages viewers to appreciate the American landscape in a show that opens on Independence Day. more

Does Mannerism Matter?

Retracing the star of a Mannerist master, Joachim Wtewael, several prestigious institutions hope to reclaim his importance and restate Mannerism's place in art history. more

Painting Is in the Air

Painterly figures and impressionistic landscapes complement the summer heat. Enjoy selections from a group show that's perfectly in season. more

Video: A Blue Horse Doesn't Impress the Queen

Though an active collector and an avid fan of equestrian portraits, Her Majesty the Queen of England draws the line at a blue horse -- as a video from her state visit to Germany shows. more

More Contemporary Artists Ponder Museum Art

The inspired and inspiring Artist Project has returned with a second season, following working artists such as Y.Z. Kami and Kerry James Marshall on museum tours. more

The City's Pulse in Paint

The urban environments in Vincent Giarrano's oil paintings are enlivened with the ever-stimulating tenor of city life. more

Tony Pro to Lead San Antonio Academy

Accomplished oil painter Tony Pro has a strong vision that will aid him in a new teaching post. Hear straight from the artist what his plans entail. more

Small Scale, Small Budget, Big-Name Artists

For collectors who are balling on a budget, a miniatures exhibition featuring the likes of Mian Situ, Logan Maxwell Hagege, and Ralph Oberg provides the perfect chance to see a range of quality works at low price points. more

Portraiture's Big Winner

From 2,748 entries, the BP Portrait Award has selected one fortunate winner to receive the first prize of £30,000. more

Sporting With Degas

The graceful movements of the ballerina and the spectacle of concerts, theater, and the racetrack gave Impressionist master Edgar Degas plentiful ways to explore the human form in motion. more

Best Of the New York Academy of Art -- Past & Present

School may be out for summer, but at one of New York's fine art academies, that means it's time for an intriguing show of paintings and sculpture. more

Oils of Summer

No art seems more appropriate for the warm summer months than sun-drenched impressionist and realist landscapes. Don't miss a summer show of historical and contemporary works by American and European masters. more

Featured Lot: Gerard Curtis Delano's "Southwest Sunset"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Gerard Curtis Delano's "Southwest Sunset." more

Portrait Drawings From History's Finest

Displaying works by Dürer, Rembrandt, Ingres, and Sargent, a new exhibition aims to illuminate the history and purpose of portrait drawing. more

More Than Figures

Accomplished oil painter Dan Gerhartz excels in picturing figures against the landscape. His latest solo show offers several of these compositions amid other new treasures. more

London's Anticipated Art Week

Many of London's -- and the world's -- most prestigious dealers in Old Master paintings and sculpture offer special displays during the annual London Art Week. more

Jordan Sokol: A Teacher Eager to Learn

Jordan Sokol, a noted painter and teacher, speaks on exhibiting at the BP Portrait Award show, lessons from the Old Masters, and how teaching others has improved his own understanding of art. more

A High Country Homecoming for Jim Wodark

Awards and recognition continue to roll in for painter Jim Wodark, who brings an impressionistic style to rendering natural beauty in the landscape. more

Summer of Van Gogh

Displays of drawings and nature-inspired art from Vincent van Gogh offer new insights into this beloved and enigmatic personality. more

Bernini Discovered & On Display

A long-lost portrait bust by one of history's greatest sculptors, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, has resurfaced and found a new, public home. more

Featured Lot: Peter Paul Rubens's "Head of a Bearded Man"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Peter Paul Rubens's "Head of a Bearded Man." more

Seattle Art Fair Primed for Launch

When billionaire investor and serious art collector Paul Allen co-produces an art fair, expectations are higher than usual. more

Highly Original, Dually Significant

How does photography inform sculpture? Can sculpture also inspire photography? Holly Wilson explores their overlap in her latest work. more

Scintillating Studies from Studio Incamminati

A weeklong show brings a chance to acquire portrait, still life, and landscape works from the likes of Nelson Shanks, Kerry Dunn, and Joseph Dolderer. more

Illuminating a Renaissance Master

The first major exhibition on U.S. soil for Renaissance-era draftsman and painter Andrea del Sarto gathers a selection of pristine chalk drawings and visionary oils. more

Cutting an Impressive Figure

Captivating paintings from eight skilled artists demonstrate why the human form provides art's most timeless subject. more

What's New and Notable at Art Basel

If simply being one the most attended art fairs in the world isn't enough to entice you to Art Basel, here is a list of reasons to pay attention. more

Bach Is Finally Home

A portrait painting considered to be the most accurate and well-preserved likeness of Johann Sebastian Bach has been revealed to the public in its fitting new home. more

The Prizes Go To....

The Prix de West recently crowned a new set of painters and sculptors with awards that bring lasting recognition. more

Paul Winstanley: Artful Interiors

At the hands of Paul Winstanley, the studios, walls, and corridors of an art school poignantly convey the stories of the young artists born from these spaces. more

Figure & Plane, Merging & Emerging

In her stylized figure paintings, artist Erin Cone tunes into the rhythms of color and form. more

The Reflections of Ruth Weisberg

Mystical and imaginative, but conceptually rooted in the heart of human experience, Ruth Weisberg's art has an air of importance to which museums and galleries continue to respond. more

Featured Lot: Camille Claudel's "Bust of Auguste Rodin"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Camille Claudel's "Bust of Auguste Rodin." more

Last Stop for Paris Academy Masterworks

From David to Ingres to Fragonard, the École des Beaux-Arts produced and exhibited some of the finest painters and sculptors the world has ever seen. A traveling show exploring that legacy is about to finish its run in the U.S. more

Discerning Rembrandt

It took eight years of research by a team of international experts to answer the first question among many with respect to a painting of "Saul and David": Rembrandt, or not? more

Power in Pose

Sculptor Rod Zullo achieves profound expression not with showy dynamism, but in quiet compositions. more

Britain's Finest Rembrandt Headed Elsewhere?

The revelation that a historically significant painting will soon appear at auction has the U.K. scrambling for money to save it and the rest of the art world eying a transformative purchase. more

A "Contemporary" Look at the Figure

Are there any distinguishing characteristics in contemporary figurative art? Who are the best and most innovative artists in the genre? Going straight to the art is the only way to answer questions like these. more

On the River with George Caleb Bingham

Nineteenth-century American painter George Caleb Bingham made his mark depicting exploration and life on the frontier. Today, Bingham is being considered through one defining element in his pictures. more

Painting Dave Grohl Gets You On Stage With Foo Fighters

One young artist recently found out that making a portrait in honor of your hero can have thrilling benefits. more

Winners All at Prestigious Prix de West

Every featured artist from Acheff to Weistling will hope to earn accolades at this weekend's opening for Prix de West. Much more than the chance for recognition, though, this annual event offers an immersive Western art experience for all -- artists, collectors, and casual art lovers. more

British Masterpiece Gets U.S. Display

Among the most celebrated British painters of the 19th century, Frederic Leighton left an influential legacy in his homeland. This summer, American audiences have a chance to appreciate his mastery. more

Remembering John Geraghty

The art world recently lost one of its great advocates with the passing of John J. Geraghty. A few of the countless artists and art professionals he influenced during his life reflect on what he has meant to them. more

Impressions of an Impressionist Auction

Past champions of Pennsylvania Impressionism Edward Willis Redfield and Daniel Garber, along with American Post-Impressionist Maurice Prendergast, lead an attractive paintings sale coming soon. more

Realist Murals -- From a Surfboard

Stunning large-scale murals of women emerging from the waves are the work of Hawaiian artist Hula, who paints in an unconventional way. more

Challenging Form

A highly educated artist, Bob Clyatt approaches his sculptural creations with intellectual and aesthetic curiosity, pressing into the body's complex nature. more

Lost and Forgotten, John Mix Stanley Rides Again

A destructive fire helped American art history forget the work of painter-explorer John Mix Stanley. Hear what is being done to recover this legend of the past. more

A John Singer Sargent From a More Famous Donor

Gifts of exceptional art from glamorous sources have kept the party going at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art during its 50th year. more

The Artistic Eye of an Architect

Many see fine art and architecture as complementary fields, but few have blended the two as seamlessly as Dr. Victor Deupi. more

Featured Lot: Edward Seago's "Junks at North Point, Hong Kong"

In this new series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Edward Seago's "Junks at North Point, Hong Kong." more

Mementos of Home

Bloomfield, New Jersey, artist Jessica Rohrer has made the streets, buildings, and vistas of her hometown the subject of stirring oil paintings. more

Paint as Paint

The latest works from Joseph Lorusso mark a new point of departure for the artist, where paint becomes part of the subject and not just the method of representing it. more

A Summer of Color

London's Royal Academy opens its doors to the latest iteration of the world's oldest open-submission exhibition, promising visitors vibrancy and variety. more

Dina Brodsky: Progressing to Smallness

When approaching a landscape, painter Dina Brodsky doesn't just work with naturalistic detail to capture lighting effects, local flora, topography, and an evocative mood. She does it all on a surface just two inches round. more

Elizabeth Pollie: To Follow the Arc of the Sun

A meditative artist keen to observe and paint nature's rhythms, Elizabeth Pollie reveals a new project that mirrors nature with insight and innovation. more

Featured Lot: Jan Lievens's "Tronie"

In this new series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Jan Lievens's "Tronie." more

Legends of the West, for Less

Maynard Dixon, Charles M. Russell, and other important figures in California and Western art headline an upcoming auction. more

Painting Local

Marlene Wiedenbaum and James Coe, two skilled artists who are also longtime residents of the Hudson Valley in New York, combine their talents to pay homage to the land they both love. more

Early Turner Remembered

J.M.W. Turner's fiery late paintings have received much scholarly and popular attention lately. Connoisseurs will find an unexpectedly calm prelude to that body of work in a new show of early paintings and drawings. more

Women Painters in the Park, Then & Now

The pioneering women artists of recent history bravely set the stage for today's flowering of women in the arts. Four contemporary artists are exhibiting with heroines of the past in a show that celebrates their shared appreciation for Glacier National Park. more

Major Discovery of Britain's First Woman Portrait Artist

An exciting attribution shows how scholarly revelations continue to reshape the history of women in art. more

Figures in Blue

What distinguishes the finest in contemporary figure drawing from the movement's predecessors? Not quality, but hue. more

The First Available Painting From Munich Art Trove

Exceptional artistry and a fascinating provenance will make the first painting to come to auction from the infamous collection of Cornelius Gurlitt one to watch. more

Drawings From (City) Life

Calling her work "a collaboration with the city," Melissa Cooke combines the realist drawing tradition with an edgy new visual language. more

Special Honor for Accomplished Portraitist

John Howard Sanden, one of the most decorated living portrait painters, has received yet another noteworthy distinction. more

Mind-Bending Painting Moves With You

One of the stars of the recent Art Miami New York, Patrick Hughes's three-dimensional painting furthers the trompe l'oeil tradition. more

Lady Texans Take the Reins

What began as a blog is now a global movement, empowering women artists everywhere to define how they are portrayed in fine art. This month, Women Painting Women charges on to the Lone Star State. more

Learning from Goya

The biting social satire in Francisco Goya's print works inspired young artist John Alexander, who returns to the museum that staged that meeting over 40 years later with a retrospective exhibition. more

New Portraits in Classical Language

Working in the age-old methods of egg tempera and silverpoint, artist Koo Schadler brings a timeless tenor to her contemporary art-making. more

Home to Eccentricity & Genius

Nineteenth-century British architect, antiquarian, collector, and artist Sir John Soane created a house museum unlike any other, where today an ongoing restoration has reached a climactic phase: the re-opening of Soane's private apartments. more

Featured Lot: Paul Cadmus's "Male Nude"

In this new series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Paul Cadmus's "Male Nude." more

The World's Most Global Art Fair

A truly international roster of exhibitors will make for an intriguing and diverse exhibition at Art15, accessible in London or online. more

Smell the (Van Gogh) Roses

Many contend that artistry can best be appreciated with enduring moments of sincere contemplation. That concept underlines a show composed of four floral still life paintings by Vincent van Gogh. more

Tradition & Talent in Prescott

An annual show and sale for art of the American West brings a high caliber of artists and enthusiastic collectors to the Cowboy Capital. more

When Jane Seymour Paints

Celebrities trying their hand at fine art consistently meet with some interest and a lot more ridicule. Actress Jane Seymour is tempting that fate with a show of oil paintings and watercolors. more

Malcolm Liepke: All That We Might Become

Authentic emotion -- from uninhibited sexuality to uncontainable anxiety -- marks the figures of Malcolm T. Liepke, a celebrated painter who explores the solitary with a seductive touch. more

Major Renovation Leads to Major Recognition

A historically rich European art institution recently emerged from a lengthy renovation process and is now enjoying the fruits of its labor. more

A Universal Figure

Condensing the human form into its essentials, Emil Alzamora gestures toward the elements of life and spirit shared by all of humanity. more

In Carmel, Paintings to Match the Views

The almost unfairly beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea inspired a host of strong painters at the weekend's Carmel Art Festival. Find out who earned awards for their efforts in capturing California's Central Coast. more

Guercino to Gauguin at Auction

An upcoming European auction features a fresh-to-the-market Guercino and top names from the Renaissance masters through the Moderns. more

Uncovering a Titian

A British art institution enjoyed a major coup when conservation efforts on a "Follower of" painting revealed, instead, a very prestigious signature. more

Miami in New York; City Friezes Over

The inaugural Art Miami New York and the 2015 edition of the Frieze Art Fair will offer contemporary works from leading European galleries as well as many local favorites. more

Academy Art Treasures on the Go

One of the world's finest 19th-century art collections travels to a new audience this weekend, led by envoys Bouguereau, Bridgman, and Géròme. more

The Finest in Figure Drawing

For a testament to the lasting legacy of the academic tradition and the healthy state of contemporary realism, look no further than a figure drawing exhibition with entries from Jacob Collins, Steven Assael, and many more. more

Le Brun Portrait Nearly Restored

Catch a final glimpse of the work done to the Metropolitan's new, monumental family portrait by Charles Le Brun before its premiere in the museum's galleries. more

Van Gogh Meets Munch

It may never have occurred during their lives, but Vincent van Gogh and Edvard Munch are now encountering one another vis-à-vis a major museum exhibition with all the passion and energy one could want. more

The Recipe for a Record-Breaker

Early this week a painting by Picasso shattered a short-lived record for the most expensive artwork ever purchased at auction. Why did it make nearly $180 million? more

Still Life in the States

One exhibition offers a look at how the still life genre has been established and continually re-imagined by some of the best-known artists in our country's history. more

Featured Lot: Giovanni Boldini's "An Elegant Lady"

In this new series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Giovanni Boldini's "An Elegant Lady." more

Too Real to Be a Photo

The stunning photorealism of Yigal Ozeri will have viewers questioning the limits of photography and marveling at the capabilities of oil. more

Sunshine Tax on Art Sales, Too?

A new development in artists' resale rights may cause auctioneers to hesitate before selling expensive works in California. more

Exceptional Western Art Collection Goes to Auction

Paintings from one of the world's finest private collections of art of the American West will be offered at auction next week. Preview the sale's highlights. more

Elena Zolotnitsky: A Surface Addiction

Experimental and painterly, Modern in aesthetic and traditional in theme, Elena Zolotnitsky's portraits and still lifes visualize an imaginative creative process. more

John Pototschnik: Living in the Landscape

Landscape painter John Pototschnik has achieved years of success creating paintings that make viewers "want to live in them." Soon the artist will exhibit his most recent work while celebrating an unexpected milestone. more

Picture Death in Technicolor

Liberated color joins keen psychological insight in the latest series of figural (and skeletal) works by Jenny Morgan. more

Silverpoint Through the Years

Metal point drawing has a long and rich history that remains only partially familiar to most. Two recent exhibitions aim to change that. more

Belles of Boston

An annual members' exhibition for the Guild of Boston Artists means a concentration of quality contemporary realism, featuring the likes of William Davis, Erik Koeppel, and Joseph McGurl. Thankfully, one needn't be a member to enjoy the art. more

Featured Lot: Edward Hopper's "House with Dead Trees"

In this new series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Edward Hopper's "House with Dead Trees." more

Prize-Winning Portraits

No less than the very best of today's portrait painters and sculptors are considered for the Portrait Society of America's International Portrait Competition. Find out who rose to the top to claim the $60,000 in prizes. more

The Dark Fantasies of Jose Segrelles

The most ambitious exhibition ever to explore the visionary work of Spanish illustrator José Segrelles is on display near the artist's hometown. more

When Art Keeps Time

Painter Anelecia Hannah Brooks charts the passing of time and its significance with meditative visions of the people and things surrounding her. more

Art History Goes Gluten-Free

Today gluten-free diets are ever-increasing in popularity, but what would we have missed if some of history's greatest artists had given up grains? more

Vancouver Gallery Celebrates 50

Offering compelling fine art since 1965, Bau-Xi Gallery hits 50 this year. To mark the occasion: group exhibitions that hark back to the gallery's beginnings and signal forward to its future. more

Own a Part of Benton's Legacy

Something of an artist of the moment, the celebrated American Regionalist Thomas Hart Benton features in a show of new-to-the-market paintings and works on paper. more

Painting to Remember

Chinese-American artist Mian Situ places his immense skill in the service of cultural preservation, telling the stories of his ancestors while the stories are still around to be told. more

OPA Doles Out the Medals

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards, along with several more distinctions, recognized a select few outstanding artists from the Oil Painters of America's celebrated annual show. more

Arantzazu Martinez: Studied Fantasies

Arantzazu Martinez tackles every painting as an eager student, aiming to "create something stunning and captivating, and to give the best of myself." more

Disregarding the Details

Confident and bold brushwork characterizes the latest paintings from classically trained, experimentally inclined artist David Shevlino. more

Touring Ireland's Art & Culture

Some 300 objects tell the story of Ireland during the long 18th century in a fascinating cross-disciplinary exhibition. more

Shortlist Revealed for International Portrait Prize

The tremendously competitive and remunerative BP Portrait Award has announced the three international artists who remain in consideration for its top prize of £30,000. more

Leonard Mizerek: Art Alight

The theater for Leonard Mizerek's paintings vacillates between marine and city life, as the artist works with both grand and mundane subjects to explore his true interest. more

For Florence Academy of Art, A New Location But Same High Caliber

What better way for a respected art academy to usher in a new chapter than by celebrating the achievements of its past products? more

Painting as Exploration

Many landscape artists reference photographs to develop their compositions with precision and detail. John Davis Held's starting point is both more nebulous and more engaging. more

Featured Lot: Vincent van Gogh's "L'Allee des Alyscamps"

In this new series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Vincent van Gogh's "L'Allée des Alyscamps." more

California Impressionism Lives On

A century ago, some of this country's finest painters were discovering the incomparable beauty of the California coastline. The movement they started -- California Impressionism – has regenerated with a segment of today's artists. more

New York Welcomes a New Whitney

May 1 marks the beginning of a bright new era for the Whitney Museum of American Art. more

A Desert Oasis for Fine Art

Howard Terpning and Mark Boedges feature in a summer exhibition for Settlers West Galleries, a 40-year veteran in Western and wildlife art. more

The Best of Art Museums on the Web

As the art world continues to transform in the digital age, museums can no longer do without a substantial online and social media presence. But who are the cleverest, most creative, and most effective minds bringing art to the web? more

Heading West, to Fredericksburg

Connoisseurs in art of the American West should be on the lookout for this weekend's Fredericksburg Art Auction, featuring paintings and sculptures by heavy hitters from Joseph Henry Sharp to Martin Grelle. more

Furry Friends in Contemporary Art

For those of us who are passionate about art and animals, it doesn't get any better than enjoying works by 20th-century masters and contemporary realists while supporting our four-footed companions. more

Titian, Velazquez, Van Gogh, Bacon

A fresh and innovative look at Old and Modern Masters considers some of history's best-known artists as touchstones for 20th-century painter Francis Bacon. more

A Day for Sculptors & Their Art

On International Sculpture Day, some 50 exhibitions worldwide will give the global pulse of the medium. more

Sunlit Scenes of the West

Preview the highlights from an upcoming sale of California and Western art that boasts masterpieces by William Wendt and Walter Ufer. more

From Realist to Fauve

American painter Alfred Maurer lived and worked during an extraordinarily inventive time in art history. Even then, most late-19th- and early-20th-century painters chose one primary route for their artistic expression. Maurer explored them all. more

Featured Lot: Thomas Hill's "Fishing on the Merced River"

In this new series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and facture of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Thomas Hill's "Fishing on the Merced River." more

Leo Mancini-Hresko, Modern Impressionist

Art lovers and collectors searching for the continuation of American Impressionism need look no further than Leo Mancini-Hresko, a Massachusetts painter producing coastal landscapes, snow scenes, and architecture studies worth admiring. more

Realism in Sculpture, Then & Now

Carole Feuerman's painstaking realism applied to aquatic-themed resin sculptures has made her work as readily identifiable as that of any contemporary sculptor. A new solo show for the artist situates her in a long and important discourse on realist sculpture. more

Framing Netherlands' Masters

Connoisseurs can now enjoy an in-depth look at the construction of Jan van Eyck's "Ghent Altarpiece" and works by Memling and Bosch in an open-access e-book. more

Stephen Magsig on the City's Subtleties

Many of New York's well-traveled locales -- the Brooklyn Bridge, FDR Drive -- serve as inspiration for oil painter Stephen Magsig. But it's what you won't find in Magsig's paintings that makes them distinctive. more

Fresh Revelations on the Online Art Market

The recently published Hiscox Online Art Trade Report has innovative research that shows what people are buying online, how much they are spending, and what can keep them from making purchases. more

Meet the Best in Oils

With 33 of its Master Signature artists participating and 218 paintings from Associate and Signature members, the Oil Painters of America's annual juried show is the perfect place to gain familiarity with the organization's many accomplished living artists. more

For LACMA, Remarkable Acquisitions Mark 50th Year

Anniversary gifts surpassing $675 million in value have made the rich richer, as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art adds artworks by Hans Memling, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, and a selection of art history's finest. more

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