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Will Spending on Arts and Antiques Increase in 2015?

No one has a definitive answer, but a recent survey suggests that the fine art market will continue to move forward. more

Realist Painting Remembers Lost Cafe

Max Ginsburg, a recognized leader in social realist painting, shares one of his historical paintings in a new film on the Automat. more

Which New York Fair Is the One For You?

With the Armory Show, SCOPE, Pulse New York, and several more fairs set to open their doors this weekend, Fine Art Today looks at the profiles for these major fairs, helping you decide where to spend your time and resources. more

30 Years Later, Stolen Baroque Masterpiece Heads Home

A lively religious painting by the hand of Giambattista Tiepolo holds a fascinating tale of ownership. more

Michael Paul Miller: Painting Apocalypse

In Michael Paul Miller's paintings, rising smoke over smoldering, forsaken post-apocalyptic environments communicates foreboding and warning. more

From Sea to Canyon

Visions of the American West, from its immaculate coastline to its bone-dry deserts, comprise a new show from Southern California chapters of the California Art Club. more

A New Approach to the Art Market

Would you like to see a worldwide art market connecting emerging artists with collectors everywhere? Four Italian art lovers are trying to make it happen now. more

Two Women Artists, Two Cities, Too Enjoyable

Painter Peggy Immel and sculptor Patsy Davis team up for a two-site exhibition not to be missed. more

A Billionaire's Art Gift

Successful businessman William Louis-Dreyfus wants to make his multi-million-dollar art collection a blessing to others. Just how he is doing so is especially interesting. more

Filling Out Open Source, for Art & Artists

Widely consulted for its histories of art and artists -- though often incomplete and sometimes incorrect -- Wikipedia needs help from individuals committed to depth and accuracy. more

Panoramic Landscapes by James Winn

What's left to accomplish for an artist collected by the Art Institute of Chicago and fine art connoisseurs across the Midwest? More majestic visions of the American landscape. more

Cezanne to Diebenkorn to Wilson

Building on the work of the Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, Fauves, and the Bay Area Figurative Movement, Angus Wilson produces colorful still life and landscape paintings that maintain a contemporary sensibility. more
Salvator Rosa, \"Scenes of Witchcraft: Morning,\" ca. 1645-1649, oil on canvas, 21 7/16 x 21 7/16 in. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Purchase from the J.H. Wade Fund 1977.37.1

Italian Old Masters, Beasts & Broomsticks

See what a 17th-century painter famed for his Roman landscape compositions produced when his attention turned to the macabre. more

Exciting Cezanne Discoveries

The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia has added two Cézanne drawings to its inventory, and the story of their discovery is a helpful reminder for any art collector. more

A Texas-Sized Portion of Top Painting Talent

An annual exhibition for leading Texas painters showcases landscapes, farm animals, and figures from the likes of Teresa Elliott and James Robinson. more

Which Came First, the Goya or....

Two French museums have entered into verbal sparring over related portraits, with both institutions claiming that theirs is an original Goya. Could it be that both are legitimate? more

Taking Up the Legacy of Academic Realism

Massachusetts painter Kelly Carmody creates full-length portrait paintings and intimate still life works that invoke the great realist traditions of old. more

The Blind Will See

One of the world's leading museums has unveiled a program to help those who are visually impaired experience its visual art. more

Leap Forward for British Art Studies

A new, open-access scholarly journal on British art will debut this fall. Learn what subscribers can expect in the inaugural issue. more

The Art Dealer's Art Show

Enjoy a sneak preview of the 27th Annual Art Show presented by the Art Dealers Association of America, primed to open its doors next week. more

Colin Chillag: Painting (UN-)Finished

Colin Chillag's paintings are unique in giving viewers a taste of the precise realism of which the artist is capable, while simultaneously disrupting the mood of perfection that a completed hyper-realistic painting achieves. more

A "Nighthawks" Tableau Vivant

Edward Hopper's Modernist masterpiece comes alive in a recent advertisement, transforming the painting's somber message to one of positivity and possibility. more

Closer to the Source: Alice Neel's Works on Paper

The revealing painted portraits of Alice Neel are well known and loved, but what do her drawings and watercolors reveal about this complicated artist? more

Batoni Portrait to Hit the Market

A portrait in the Grand Manner from 18th-century painter Pompeo Batoni will soon be available for sale for the first time in its history. more

Robert Henri in California

One hundred years after Robert Henri's extended stay in Southern California, art lovers in the Golden State have an opportunity to see its population through the eyes of this renowned realist painter. more

Steven Walker's Stories of the Land

Man-made and natural environments fill the role of protagonist in the paintings of Steven Walker, communicating stories and compelling our attention without the need for human figures. more

Challenges Arise to Proposed Michelangelo Sculptures

Scholarly voices around the world are offering their views on the topic of the Fitzwilliam Museum's bronze figures, excitingly attributed to Michelangelo. Are they "yea" or "nay"? more

Revisiting the Gaze

More than 40 contemporary figurative artists have contributed their work to a study of the roles occupied by women as subject matter in fine art, traversing topics inspirational, symbolic, seductive, beautiful, and academic. more

Departed Museum Leaders Leave Holes to Be Filled

The directors of two major art museums have stepped down, one after a long tenure and the other after only four months. The question is where the institutions will go from here. more

A Cure for the Cold

Luminous seasonal landscapes by historical Danish artist Harald Pryn will help anyone to cope with long, cold winters. more

What Does It Take to Make It as an Artist?

The journey to a successful career as an artist looks different for every individual who embarks on it. A new documentary film reveals what three professional artists are learning along the way. more

Nature's Creatures in Three Dimensions

A cohort featuring some of the country's most accomplished figurative sculptors trains its attention on the animal kingdom. more

A Sweetheart Gift

An iconic painting of love by Norman Rockwell headed to a new, and fitting, home last week. more

Loving Wildlife, Art & Charleston

Fine Art Connoisseur regional salesperson Krystal Allen reports from a heavily attended -- and highly enjoyable -- event for wildlife art. more

Live Action From the Auction Room

Sotheby's record-setting Contemporary Art Sale, held last week, receives the Hollywood treatment in this recap video. more

Precisely Loose Landscapes

Working on site with unconventional tools like a cement trowel, Lynn Boggess produces breathtaking visions of nature. more

The Spirit of an Age

From spiritual landscapes by Caspar David Friedrich to seductive figures by Gustav Klimt, the 19th century in the Germanic world saw a flowering in artistic production. more

One Day to See "Late Rembrandt"

A blockbuster Rembrandt show took London by storm last fall and is currently enjoying another successful run at the Rijksmuseum. American audiences have one chance to see it up close and personal without crossing the pond. more

Strife and Strikes in London

Last week saw rooms close at the National Gallery in London while picketers made their stand. more

Winning Back the "Woman in Gold"

The ownership battle over a Nazi-looted Klimt masterpiece forms the basis of a new film on art recovery. Get a glimpse of the action here. more

Stanka Kordic: Mindfulness in Painting

What makes the visionary figurative works of Stanka Kordic unique? An approach that keeps even the artist on her toes. more

Soccer Stars & Celebrities Feature in Charity Auction

When art and artists are used to effect positive social change, everyone wins. An upcoming charity auction will raise funds for childhood educational efforts in Indonesia, Nepal, and Bangladesh -- and Lionel Messi and Shakira will make appearances. more

French Masterpieces Bolster Museum Collection

A group of late-19th- and early-20th-century paintings by Cézanne, Manet, Pissarro, Morisot, and Duchamp have a new, permanent home. more

Premier Painters of Both Coasts

If paintings of the frothing ocean, the ebb and flow of waves, and soft evening light on coastal cliffs call to you -- then one exhibition this weekend is a must-see. more

Fractured Figures

By intently observing the contours and colors that compose her figures, Ann Gale creates paintings that meditate on the very act of looking. more

Why Collaborate on Art?

A community art project in Hawaii has engaged artists from around the world and one respected L.A. gallerist. Hear the project's mission in this TEDtalk. more

Art for the Heart on Valentine's Day

Kim Casebeer and Dianne L. Massey Dunbar are among a group of women artists who will exhibit together in a commemorative show. more

Learn About Art, With Help From Google

Tech giant Google has teamed up with the Milwaukee Art Museum for a free online course teaching art appreciation. more

Single Show Hosts $300 Million Painting & Long-Lost Sculpture

With vibrant paintings and stylized sculptures, Post-Impressionist Paul Gauguin fashioned an exotic vision of Tahiti that continues to seduce art lovers worldwide. more

A Painter's Ballet

The swan-like movement of the ballerina and the joy of dance receive an appropriately uplifting vision in the paintings of Susan Smolensky. more

"Portlandia" Takes on Contemporary Art Materials

If tube televisions seem a hackneyed form of artistic expression to you, then this brilliant satire of contemporary art supplies is a must-watch. more

Understanding Goya

Amid blockbuster exhibitions on Francisco Goya in Boston and Dallas, leading scholars will address the unique challenge of curating his work. more

California Art on the Auction Block

While cities across the country bundle up for the winter cold, Laguna Beach is cool in all the right ways, offering a museum-curated art auction of top California talents. more

New -- and Renewed -- Avenues for Academic Drawing

Some tenets of draftsmanship have maintained a presence in ateliers for centuries, while others have fallen away. Still more are now enjoying a renaissance with today's artists. So what is the state of drawing education today? more

Renaissance Master Revived

A contemporary of Leonardo and Botticelli, Piero di Cosimo painted whimsical and confounding scenes of ancient mythology as well as reverential spiritual works. This month the eclectic Renaissance master has been rediscovered and reconsidered. more

#MuseumBowl Victory Sends Bierstadt East

Forget the Lombardi trophy; the true spoils of Sunday's victory is a great painting. With the Patriots' win in the Super Bowl, a masterpiece depicting the Pacific Northwest coast is on its way to New England. more

Art Academy Christens New U.S. Space

The Florence Academy of Art will inaugurate its space in the New York metro area with a handsome exhibition of still life, figure, and cityscape paintings. more

Michelangelo's Only Bronzes?

A team of academics, conservationists, critics, and anatomical specialists has attributed two bronzes to Michelangelo. Take a closer look and make your own judgment. more

Who Mastered the West?

An annual selling exhibition for premier artists of the American West hosted auctions and doled out its prestigious awards last weekend. more
Willem van de Velde the Elder (1611-1693), \"Dutch harbor in a calm with small vessels...\" pen, ink, and oil on panel, 18 7/8 x 25 1/2 in. Digital image courtesy Sotheby's

Sotheby's Takes Old Masters Crown in Convincing Fashion

The dust has settled after another round of high-profile Old Master sales, leaving time to assess the winners and losers. more

Painting A Quiet Life

In the art of Ryoko Tajiri, still life describes both floral and figure studies. The artist presents more of her contemplative paintings in a one-person show. more

Busted: Fake Old Masters Identified

After peddling a (bad) fake Goya for €900,000, a Spanish art forgery ring has been dismantled. more

Drawing Out Melissa Cooke

Melissa Cooke's self-portrait drawings, rendered at startlingly close range and on a large scale, confront the viewer with their authenticity and unconventional beauty. more

Peter Poskas: Painted Memories

Artist Peter Poskas has a unique ability to draw profound meaning and beauty from the rural scenes he paints. His landscapes visualize past moments and seasons precisely as we would want to remember them. more

Western Art Legend on Display

In a museum show that will appeal to collectors and artists alike, Clyde Aspevig will unveil recent paintings and offer a gallery talk and painting demonstration. more

The Self(ie)-Portrait

One term describes a long-established category in art. The other has only recently been recognized and fast made its way into art discourse. So what distinguishes self-portraits from selfies? more

Roger Williams Book Release

If you can't see it in person, here's one way to enjoy recent work from the studio of landscape painter Roger Williams. more

The Philadelphia School of Realism

Six respected realist painters from the City of Brotherly Love take their show on the road. more

Why Art Matters -- For Collectors

Artists, exhibitors, and collectors should be informed about the Art Matters | Collections events coming up next week in Santa Fe. more

Necessity for Life & Artist's Inspiration

Water is the protagonist in the reflective paintings of Thomas Paquette, who offers a glimpse of his last 25 years of production in a new solo show. more

Cool Western Winners

During the month of January, 80 leading Western artists put up recent works at the Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale. See which artists rode away with awards. more

"Saved" Van Dyck Embarks on Three-Year U.K. Tour

The Van Dyck self-portrait that inspired a £10 million national fundraising campaign begins a nationwide tour this month, alongside works by David Hockney, J.M.W. Turner, and Angelica Kauffmann. more

Tracing China's Legacy in Realism

What qualities have Chinese painting traditions imparted to contemporary realism? Consider the art of Mian Situ, Z.S. Liang, and Zhaoming Wu. more

City by the Bay Welcomes Home Delacroix

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco have acquired their first and only Delacroix painting -- and it's one that has an interesting history there. more

Met's Monumental Portrait Upright Again

The Metropolitan Museum of Art invites us into the extensive conservation process that is bringing its newly acquired Charles Le Brun back to glory. Watch as the conservation team returns the canvas to its stretcher. more

Surprise! It's a Vermeer!

A Minnesota museum provided an extra dose of excitement when a Vermeer appeared in the galleries unannounced. more

The Finest Master Drawings on the Market

This weekend New York's East Side becomes the focus of international attention from connoisseurs of drawing. Preview some of the exceptional drawings available this year. more

How Are Museums Spending and Sustaining?

A new annual report offers interesting revelations about the state of art museums nationwide, and how their needs and support continue to evolve. more

A California Painter Who Captured Life at Sea

A quintessential painter of life on the Pacific, Armin Hansen receives a large-scale retrospective exhibition nearly 60 years after his death. more

Academic Art Collection Finds a Home

Since moving out of a Manhattan building in 2007, the Dahesh Museum of Art has been a "museum without walls." Find out where it will once again have a permanent space. more

New Spanish Treasures for San Diego

In the centennial year for the San Diego Museum of Art, the institution welcomes exquisite paintings by Sorolla and Zurbarán. more

French Masters, Floral Masterpieces

An exhibition of floral still life paintings from Courbet, Chardin, and the finest French painters of the 19th century will soon be changing venues. more

Old Masters Christen New Drawings Space

A commemorative exhibition explores the power of line in Old Master drawings from such artists as Peter Paul Rubens. more

Canaletto, Constable Lead New York Sales

Highlight videos from Christie's and Sotheby's will get any connoisseur in the mood for next week's major New York auctions. more

Layering Paint & Constructing Meaning

Find out which city will be first to see the latest work by highly sought-after figurative painter Michael Carson. more

Highlights from #MuseumSelfie Day

Many still know it as January 21. But for the initiated, Wednesday meant a chance to get recognized for taking silly pictures with art. See the funniest and most creative additions to #MuseumSelfie Day here. more

Gregory Manchess: Painting Liberated

Irrationality rules in the paintings of Gregory Manchess, as do feelings of whimsy, beauty, and freedom. more

The Importance of a (Re-)Frame

The team at London's National Gallery dramatically improved the visual impression of an Andrea Mantegna painting by switching out its frame. more

Test Your Connoisseurship in the Galleries

How difficult could it be to distinguish a Chinese copy from an Old Master original? The Dulwich Picture Gallery is providing an opportunity for its visitors to show off their skills of judgment in a clever new project. more

Schiele & Saville: Transgressive Figures

January marks the last month for a compelling exhibition that pairs portraits by 20th-century Modernist Egon Schiele and contemporary British painter Jenny Saville. more

Major Gift Offers Major Boost to North Carolina Museum

A donation to the North Carolina Museum of Art will go a long way toward creating an encyclopedic collection of Modern and contemporary art. more

$500 Million Facelift for Texas Museum

A major Texas museum is well on its way to attaining $500 million for a new, more connected campus redesign. more

Inspired by Natural Beauty

Pastels and paintings from the members of the California Art Club commemorate the special beauty found in California's national parks. more

Great Minds & Great Artists Reflect on Figurative Art

Art connoisseurs won't want to miss a free upcoming panel discussion with artists and art critics featured in the impressive new volume The Figure. more

Bittersweet Success for Detroit Museum

A very eventful week for the Detroit Institute of Arts saw first an accomplishment worth celebrating, but then a departure worth lamenting. more

Spell-Binding Surrealism

In the dark, cold, deadness of winter, artists like Rose Freymuth-Frazier and Sam Wolfe Connelly find the germination of their dark realism and surrealism. more

An Art Lover's Dream in the Desert

More than 100 artists gather to exhibit each year in the Celebration of Fine Art, which kicks off this weekend. Find out who will be exhibiting and speaking at this year's anticipated event. more

Exploring a 19th-Century Medium

A rare exhibition of lithographs recounts the rise and sustained popularity of this medium in the eventful 19th century. more

Vintage Life, Distilled

By evoking past, simpler years, Christopher Stott's subjects have a nostalgia and charm about them that makes viewing his paintings a pleasurable, thoughtful, and even familiar experience. more

Vincent Xeus: Fragmentation, Experimentation

In his latest body of work, figurative painter Vincent Xeus re-imagines a traditional genre with an irresistible sense of invention. more

Michelle Doll: Art of Connection

The unshakable, spiritual fusion that marks loving family relationships forms the substance of Michelle Doll's moving paintings. more

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From Sea to Canyon

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March 7: Panhandle-Plains Invitational Western Art Show and Sale

Western artists Dan Ostermiller, Daryl Howard, Phil Epp, and Cecy Turner are among those who will exhibit in an upcoming sale.