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Fine Art Connoisseur: Main Office

Streamline Publishing, Inc.
1901 S. Congress Ave., Suite 118
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Fax: 561.655.6164

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Fine Art Connoisseur: Editorial Office

Streamline Publishing, Inc./Fine Art Connoisseur
780 Riverside Drive, Suite 10F
New York, NY 10032

EVP/COO: Tom Elmo
Boynton Beach Office: 561.655.8778

Production Director: Nicolynn Kuper
Boynton Beach Office: 561.655.8778



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Managing Editor


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West Coast Editor


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Contributing Writers

Matthias Anderson
Kelly Compton
Max Gillies
David Masello
Louise Nicholson

Art Director


Kenneth Whitney Send Email

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