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Fine Art Connoisseur magazine is the exclusive guide to art and collecting for individuals who have a passion for fine art. Fine Art Connoisseur speaks directly to an audience of discerning consumers through engaging, dynamic editorial that explores with authority the highest-quality historical artworks and those created by the world's finest living artists.


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Advertising Deadlines

Fine Art Connoisseur Remaining 2016 – 2017 Editorial


space deadline July 29; newsstand August 26

- Photo essay: Animals

- Destination: Idaho

- American Impressionist Society special section

- American Women Artists special section

- animals special section in conjunction with Society of Animal Artists & Artists for Conservation (Houston & Vancouver, same weekend)


space deadline Sept 30; newsstand October 28

- Photo essay: Children 

- Destination: North Carolina

-  Mt. Oyster Club special section 

- Women Artists of the West special section


space deadline Dec 2; newsstand December 23

- Special edition (3rd annual): Collectors of Contemporary Realist Art

- Photo essay: The human figure

- Destination: Charleston

- Art Renewal Center special section

- Museums special section


space deadline February 3; newsstand February 24

- Photo essay: Equestrian images

- Destination: San Diego County

- Salmagundi Art Auction special section

- Out West Art Show special section


space deadline April 7; newsstand April 28

- Photoessay: Portraits

- Destination: Summertime in the Mountains

- Oil Painters of America special section

- BP Portrait Competition (London) special section

- National Portrait Gallery special  section


space deadline June 2; newsstand June 23

- Photoessay: Botanicals

- Destination: Loveland (Colorado)

- American Society of Marine Artists special section 

- National Sculpture Society special section

- American Society of Botanical Artists special section


space deadline August 4; newsstand August 25

- Photoessay: Birds

- Destination: Fall colors

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 space deadline October 6; newsstand October 27

- Photoessay: Industrial scenes

- Destination: Florida

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October 25: Granville Redmond, "Going Home"

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week: Granville Redmond, “Going Home.”